Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 1

It's time to start a new year on this blog with a new cover photo and all.  I sure hope 2017 brings us great and wonderful experiences. I know we have a big summer trip planned and some milestones to reach plus some goals to set and achieve.  Are you ready?  We are ready so let's go!

Here are the pictures from our first week in 2017-

Day 1- Sunday, 1/1/17
Happy New Year!  We had a nice relaxing day at home for the first day of the year and ended it with a wonderful feast and a yummy chocolate roll cake.  You can find the recipe for the cake here- http://bellyfull.net/2014/11/25/chocolate-peppermint-roll-cake-recipe/  We skipped the peppermint part since a couple people in our family are not fans, but the cake is fantastic otherwise.

Day 2- Monday, 1/2/17
We were all home for one last day of our winter break today, and it was a rainy day perfect for cozy cat naps.  Then the sun came out in the afternoon and treated us to a beautiful rainbow.

Day 3- Tuesday, 1/3/17
It's back to reality.  John and I went back to work and the younger boys went back to school while Tyler slept another vacation day away ;0)  He's home for one more week before his reality check.  Lucky bum!

Day 4- Wednesday, 1/4/17
Brandon got this new book for Christmas and was happy to discover he can use it as one of his reading counts books in school.  He finished it all in one day too.  Meanwhile the pup waits for him to put the book down so he can play with her and her many toys.  They just aren't as fun without the boy.

Day 5- Thursday, 1/5/17
After some dark, foggy, and rainy days it's nice to see the sun shine again.  I even walked the dog early so I could enjoy the light and the warmth.  Once that sun sets the temps drop considerably and the walks are much less desirable.

Day 6- Friday, 1/6/17
We managed to get Tyler out of the house for one last family activity before leaving.  It was time to attend a Kings basketball game in their brand new Golden One Stadium.  What a nice place! It's very high tech, really open, and has a lot of great food options.  It was a lot easier to get in and out of than I expected too, but the seating is super tight and really steep. I kept getting this weird feeling like I was going to fall. At least the height makes for a good bird's eye view.  Bottom line is we all had a fun night together enjoying a super close game and checking the new place out.

Day 7- Saturday, 1/7/17
Justin is finally done with his service project for the year.  He had 2 other appointments with Janice, his supervisor, to get the paperwork signed and a required picture taken but she kept canceling on him so we were happy it actually happened today.  He's enjoyed his time at the Front Street shelter and is excited to move from the teen group program to actual individual shelter work once he turns 16 in March.

OK--done with week one and that's a pretty good start to the new year I'd say.  As you can see, this year I'll be doing my weeks Sun-Sat because that's how the year started.  Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you back next week.


  1. Thanks for posting that recipe! yum!!! Love the rainbow shot! Glad you got in a fun family activity before Tyler heads back. That is awesome about Justin and his service project. Hope your year continues to be a good one!

  2. Happy new year!! So funny you saw the Kings too (granted you live by them!). Such a gorgeous rainbow, too!

  3. Happy New Year to you... that chocolate log looks so good


  4. Looks like a great start to the year! Happy New Year!