Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 2

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend and be able to decompress a bit after being back to the crazy work and school schedules for a couple weeks.  We're slowly getting back to a new normal and also looking forward to an upcoming ski trip.  Let's just hope we can actually make it to the mountains without road closures.  It's been a crazy wet and wild winter for a change.

Here are the pictures from last week:

Day 8- Sunday, 1/8/17
We had a nice big Sunday breakfast today to help send off Tyler right.  He flew back shortly after to UCLA so he can start his second quarter and was eager and ready to get back to his studies.

Day 9- Monday, 1/9/17
Over the weekend Brandon built one of the Lego sets he got for Christmas and had time after to school to play with it a bit.  He's the only one that's still building these days which is kind of sad--almost the end of an era in this house.

Day 10- Tuesday, 1/10/17
Rain, rain, rain!  And in this cold, windy, wet weather Target is the last place I want to be, but we're pretty much out of all the essentials so there is no avoiding it.  It's time to restock and now that Tyler is gone again hopefully things will last longer.  In his absence it was easy to get used to less trips to the store.

Day 11- Wednesday, 1/11/17
It's time for high school finals and Justin is planning to put in some long hours tonight mostly studying for honors chemistry. He's got his tunes and a cup of cocoa in his special night owl mug to help.  Good luck kiddo!

Day 12- Thursday, 1/12/17
There is no more karate on Tuesdays but now we have basketball on Thursdays.  Brandon's team is starting to take shape and may actually be ready for their first game this weekend.

Day 13- Friday, 1/13/17
School just let out for the day so it's officially the start of the weekend and Brandon is eager to jump into building another large Lego set.  He has the long weekend but I'm pretty sure he'll be finished by early tomorrow.  The Star Wars sets never disappoint.

Day 14- Saturday, 1/14/17
Time for a girl's wine trip.  We went to Julietta Winery not far from my house for a tasting and a nice long lunch.  The girls helped Elaine and I celebrate our upcoming January birthdays.  We had a foggy start but eventually the sun came out and made for a nice day.  It was a lot of fun with some good company.  The wine and barrel photo credits go to the winery and thanks to Gene for taking the pictures of our group.

That's it.  January is already flying by.  Thanks for stopping in and hopefully we'll see you next week.


  1. That breakfast spread looks good! Hope Tyler is back at school and settling back in and Justin survived finals!

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun outing with the girls! Hope all goes well for Tyler this term! It is hard to let them go back, but when they like it, that helps :) I understand what you mean about the legos and having less and less, Jesse used to do them all the time. They are getting fewer and farther between. He actually put on his Christmas list "no legos" made me sad. Hope you have a great week!!