Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 15

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  We had a nice spring break last week aside from some not so great weather and now are adjusting to getting back to a normal schedule with even more bad weather.  I'm so sick of the rain and am so ready for a warm and sunny spring.  Please make it stop.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 99- Sunday, 4/9/17
Sunshine is a rare thing these days so when it does appear the pets and people gravitate to it.

Day 100- Monday, 4/10/17
The boys love to help me take the pets to the vet's so I usually schedule their appointments when the boys are home.  This made for a perfect spring break field trip.

Day 101- Tuesday, 4/11/17
Justin was out and about today so Brandon and I worked together making homemade pizza for dinner-oh so good!

Day 102- Wednesday, 4/12/17
Today we got to escape and get away for some real fun.  We went to Great America to ride some rides.  It rained the whole 3 hr drive down, but then, just before we arrived, the skies cleared and the sun came out so it turned into a great weather day. There were also very little people which meant no lines--yay!  It was a super fun day and we stayed the night so no rush to go home.

Day 103- Thursday, 4/13/17
We may be back home but were still officially on break so drinks for a Thursday it is!

Day 104- Friday, 4/14/17
Justin wanted a pull up bar for his birthday and John was able to install it today so he gave it a try.  He's the only one home right now that can even do 1.  LOL!  This will be good for all of us.

Day 105- Saturday, 4/15/17
Justin is at the animal shelter working his first 4 hr shift as an independent volunteer now that he is 16.  Before he had to work with the teen group or with an adult so this is a step up.  Brandon was home with me coloring eggs and he did a great job.  We can't wait for Easter tomorrow.

Wait one more!  

April's Family Photo

We actually got it done early this month thanks to the slower pace of spring break and the Great America photographers.

That's all folks!  Hope to see you back next week.


  1. How fun to get to the theme park!
    The pizzas look good (:

  2. Nice series--you have a very patient and cooperative family!