Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 16

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Here we are in the last week of April which means only one more month until school is out for summer.  We all can't wait!  Let's just hope things warm up so it can actually feeling like the start of summer. 

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 106- Sunday, 4/16/17
Happy Easter!  It feels weird to celebrate without Tyler, but we did our best and sent him this picture of Bella and Brandon for fun.  Our morning was nice and sunny just before the rain moved in around lunch time.  At least our feast was indoors with the oven on to cook a ham and warm the house.  I miss our sunny and dry spring days and hopefully they will come in full force soon.

Day 107- Monday, 4/17/17
Back to the grind.  Spring break is over so it's time for work and we have a couple big projects lined up that will take me well into the fall months.

Day 108- Tuesday, 4/18/17
Yay--sunshine!  We finally have a nice day today and are expecting the rest of the week to be like this.  There are all kinds of pretty flowers around the pool in bloom and just as many weeds.  Yikes!  As long as the weather holds we'll deal with that them coming weekend.

Day 109- Wednesday, 4/19/17
Another nice day and great day for tennis.  Justin practices with the team but hasn't really been competing so I don't have many pictures of him playing this year.  That knee still bothers him so this season is pretty much a wash. Hopefully next year he'll be better and can really get back to it.

Day 110- Thursday, 4/20/17
Forget the unicorn frappuccino!  I'll stick with my usual no-whip iced mocha especially to get me through a meeting or two.  Those unicorn drinks make my tummy hurt just looking at pictures of them. Yuck!

Day 111- Friday, 4/21/17
Here's a good way to spend a nice Friday afternoon.  The boys got large bubble wands in their Easter baskets and Brandon enjoyed trying his out after school today.

Day 112- Saturday, 4/22/17
Happy Earth Day!  It was a nice day to be outside all day.  I spent most the morning in the yard weeding and pruning.  That pretty orange flower is a weed that was quickly plucked after I snapped this picture ;0) There was a whole carpet of them invading my flower beds out front.  Later we took a trip to the local nursery and picked up a couple new trees to replace ones we lost in the drought.  It was a great way to spend Earth Day and important to get it done before the next storm system hits--yep, more rain in the forecast  : /

That's it for now.  See you next week.


  1. The bubble shot is so cool! Love the signs of spring!

  2. Yay, Spring! Wonderful flowers and the bubbles look like a lot of fun!