Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 13

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is our last work and school week before spring break, and we can't wait.  We have no huge plans but will still find a few fun things to do.  I just hope we can keep this nice, sunny, spring weather and avoid the rain although I heard more is coming.  Enough already!  Last week was great with Tyler home but now he's back in LA working to finish up his first college year before we get him home again during the summer months mid June.  That seems so far away, but I bet it will go fast.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 85- Sunday, 3/26/17
It's nice to see these two play together.  Justin really wanted to make the most of his time with Tyler while he was home which is great because they weren't always close.

Day 86- Monday, 3/27/17
The weather is nice enough to open windows and let the breeze in.  Rusty is a huge fan of that.  He not only likes the fresh air but he also likes the sound of the birds and the sight of bugs buzzing by.

Day 87- Tuesday, 3/28/17
It's time to start working on the science fair project display board.  We're taking baby steps getting a little done here and there and will make a big push with his partner over the weekend.  Today Brandon cut out his clever title.

Day 88- Wednesday, 3/29/17
One of Tyler's favorite home-cooked meals is tacos with fresh fried shells so we made sure to feed him some of his favorites while he was home.  I don't think he stopped smiling during this entire meal ;0)

Day 89- Thursday, 3/30/17
It's a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous flowers in bloom and an inviting pool that shimmers in the bright sun.  The pool may look inviting on these warm spring days, but the water is still super cold.  Soon we'll put the solar blanket on to help with that and get it ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Tyler and John also went out for sushi today. It's their thing when he's home from school and I love that they have a thing.

Day 90- Friday, 3/31/17
What?!  Justin had a great day turning 16!!  Morning donuts, burgers for dinner, presents and a chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert. Tomorrow he'll have a friend sleep over and we'll all take in a movie.  Happy Birthday Justin!

Day 91- Saturday, 4/1/17
No fooling around here.  This is Tyler's last day at home before heading back to UCLA tomorrow morning.  He misses this dog when he's away and was happy to spend some good time with her over break.  He was also kind enough to take my monthly marker shot with her especially since her birthday is in April.  How did we get to April already?  Later we saw that movie I mentioned.  Justin and his friend really wanted to see Kong and it was a good choice.  We all enjoyed it.

Wait!  One more-

March's Family Photo

Yay!--another family shot with the full group.  It's been so fun having Tyler home and we'll miss him when he heads back but we'll also be busy wrapping up the school year here so it will go by quick.

OK-- all done.  See you next week without Tyler ;0(

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  1. Our last week before break, too! And I get you on the rain, enough!!
    16 - wow!!!!!
    I remember always filling up on my favorite home cooked meals too!