Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 12

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  We're enjoying our full nest again with Tyler home on spring break and have been helping him get things set for next quarter and even this summer.  He doesn't end school until the middle of June so he'll be back at it after this week. John and I were also able to escape to San Francisco overnight this past weekend for a fun and fabulous party. It was a great week.

Here are the pictures to prove it:

Day 78- Sunday, 3/19/17
Justin wanted to go on a bike ride and try out his knee.  It's been raining so much he hasn't been able to bike since his injury.  He says it feels fine and is eager to ride back and forth from school again but as you will see the rain is not cooperating.

Day 79- Monday, 3/20/17
This is a wonderful way to start the work week--not!  It poured rain most the night and through the morning and I mean poured, but then the clouds cleared and the sun came out and everything dried up like nothing ever happened so we had a beautiful sunny afternoon. Crazy and unstable weather!

Day 80- Tuesday, 3/21/17
These two are wrapping up their science fair project as partners on the best basketball shooting positions, and I came out with them today to get a few pictures for their presentation board.

Day 81- Wednesday, 3/22/17
We had another really wet morning but then the afternoon looked like this.  The dog and I took a nice long walk and enjoyed the sunshine and pretty flowers.

Day 82- Thursday, 3/23/17
He's home!  Tyler flew in super late last night and is now settling back into our home.  He missed his bedroom the most and is happy to have it all to himself.  I baked him some homemade cookies as a welcome back treat which of course made all the boys super happy :0)  Two quarters done and one to go for his first year.  He has a volunteer position at the hospital lined up starting next quarter and it will continue through next year, plus his summer lifeguard job is secured, and he's all set to take a summer EMT course.  Somewhere in there we'll also squeeze in getting his wisdom teeth out.  LOL--  busy kid!  One more thing--it's National Puppy Day so I have to give props to our favorite puppy Bella.  She's such a sweet girl and is also happy to have Tyler home.

Day 83- Friday, 3/24/17
It must be relaxation Friday.  It's cold today and rained again so even the pets are gathered here seeking warmth from their peeps.  These guys are watching March Madness basketball games together and it's a great sight to see although I'm missing my movie night.  I guess I'll just have to make up for it next Friday.

Day 84- Saturday, 3/25/17
Yay for the wekend! John and I headed into San Francisco to celebrate him and his high school friends turning 50 this year at Waterbar restaurant near the Bay Bridge.  That's all 8 of them joining the 50 club in the second picture.  It was a beautiful night, awesome location, lovely meal, and great fun with special friends.  Thanks to everyone in the group for taking and sharing pictures.  I'm pretty sure I'm using a couple of Elaine's here ;0) 

Well that's all folks.  See you next week for the last week in March.


  1. How great to have Tyler home! Hope you get nice dry spring weather soon - we've been cold and damp here!

  2. Glad Tyler is home! Enjoy that! Happy 50th! That looks like a fun party! Hope you have a great week!