Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 21

Welcome back and Happy Tuesday!  What a treat to have a 3-day weekend especially blessed with such nice weather and the opportunities to spend time with good friends and family.  I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as well.  It's the last week of school for my 2 younger kids and only a 3-day week so they are super excited just to get it done. Bring on summer break!  We are ready.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 141- Sunday, 5/21/17
This is how Rusty copes with near 100 degree temps.  I'd say he's over it.  Poor kitty boy needs to head downstairs where it's cooler.

Day 142- Monday, 5/22/17
John has a week long work event that will keep him after hours so Justin is helping me walk the dog this week.

Day 143- Tuesday, 5/23/17
This kid--he's a handful but also a treat.  Today we headed to San Francisco with his class for a field trip which was great fun. It may be one on my last which is hard to think about.

Day 144- Wednesday, 5/24/17
Fidget spinners--I don't get the fascination but Brandon just had to have one and spent his own money to make it happen.  Plus he bought one for a friend.  How long will this fad last?

Day 145- Thursday, 5/25/17
It's time for end of year projects.  Brandon had this booklet to finish for History and Justin had a couple history projects too for World History and AP European History.  A lot of work for them but fun for me to see their creative side kick in.

Day 146- Friday, 5/26/17
TGIF!  Justin had a minimum day and then a doctor's appointment so afterward we hit up Starbucks for a cool summer treat before picking up Brandon from school.  Just him and I ;0)

Day 147- Saturday, 5/27/17
This Saturday I finally finished yard work.  It's been 4 straight weekends and I'm done just in time to enjoy the yard for a BBQ with friends and the long holiday weekend.  I love our big yard, but I do not love keeping it it in check. So much work!  So happy to be done!!

Wait!  One more--

May's Family Photo

This was taken just as our pool opened for the summer season and as you can see we are still missing Tyler, but he will be home for the June picture!  Can't wait!!  3 more weeks-- WooHoo!

Ok that's it.  See you all next week.

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  1. What is it with those spinners! Oy!
    Enjoy the pool!