Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 20

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  I'm excited to say it's HOT here like triple digit hot. We've been missing that but now is the time. Plus we are down to the last 6 days of school which is exciting. Today I'm going on a field trip with Brandon's class to San Francisco at the Academy of Sciences so I need to make this quick because we are headed out soon.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 134- Sunday, 5/14/17
Happy Mother's Day!  Hope all my mother friends had a good day.  It was a nice one here. John and the boys spoiled me with good food, good gifts, and a super clean car.  The only downer was not having all 3 of my kids here but Tyler did call from school and I'm sure was here in spirit.

Day 135- Monday, 5/15/17
Bella is happy her boy is home from school and he's happy to relax but she's trying to get him to play at least a little before he retreats to do homework.

Day 136- Tuesday, 5/16/17
Working, working, working and trying to wrap up projects and get other things in order before our vacation in June.  It will be here before we know and I can't wait.

Day 137- Wednesday, 5/17/17
Justin is all about peanut butter these days and can't get enough.  He's really the only one that still eats it and he'll go through 2 of these large Costco jars each month.  He claims his tennis coach told him it's the perfect snack for the sport.  If I'd let him he would take the whole jar to school and practice each day. Crazy kid!

Day 138- Thursday, 5/18/17
The Shasta daisies I planted last year are back in bloom.  This was the first one to open and it's enjoying the sunshine just as much as we are.

Day 139- Friday, 5/19/17
Our typical Friday night all settled in and ready for a movie.  We watched Hidden Figures this time.  It's an incredibly amazing true story that should have been told years ago.

Day 140- Saturday, 5/20/17
What a beautiful day in Napa and a perfect day for a party.  We are at Artesa winery to celebrate Gene's 50th birthday.  What a fun day with a great group of ladies.

That's it!  See you next week--the last week of school and it's only 3 days long.  WooHoo!


  1. What a great week! Have a good one!

  2. Hope you have fun on your field trip! We had the same movie night too--Loved Hidden Figures! Crazy that you are so hot! Enjoy the last few days of school!!!