Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 28

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  Yep--it's still hot especially on weekends which makes it hard to want to do anything especially outside.  Last week was all about getting back into the full swing of things and getting everyone including the pets back on a schedule.

Take a look -

Day 190- Sunday, 7/9/17
John spent the day in another motorcycle class to learn some cornering moves this time.  It was super hot out there in all the gear but he still had fun and learned a lot.

Day 191- Monday, 7/10/17
It's a playful Monday afternoon for Brandon and Bella.  Tug-of-war is one of their favorite games.  He's always amazed at how strong she is especially when she starts pulling him across the floor.

Day 192- Tuesday, 7/11/17
We're patiently waiting on red.  This plant has at least 20 tomatoes but no ripe ones yet.  They are the large beef steak variety so they need to little more time to grow, and then I have a feeling they will all turn at once.  John is eager to make some salsa especially now that the boys like it too.

Day 193- Wednesday, 7/12/17
It's nice to get back to our regular walks and at least in the evenings we have a refreshing delta breeze to make the them more manageable and pleasant.

Day 194- Thursday, 7/13/17
We had tacos for dinner yesterday so today Justin made nachos for dinner with the leftovers.  It's one of his favorites.

Day 195- Friday, 7/14/17
This summer Tyler has not only been taking EMT classes twice a week in his all blue uniform but has also been working like crazy picking up as many shifts as he can life-guarding.  Some days he even has a shift after his 8 hr class day.  That's crazy, but he's motivated to make money to help pay for school and take care of those frat fees.  It's been quite a summer for him so far.  He even had his first real traumatic save at the pool just after we got back from our trip.

Day 196- Saturday, 7/15/17
Why are the weekends so darn hot?  I think it was 105 today so the boys beat the heat by spending time in and around the pool and then we all took in a movie enjoying the theater's air-conditioning which is cheaper and more entertaining than ours ;0)

That's it!  See you next week.  I feel like summer is slipping away from me.  The younger kids start school in exactly one month.  Yikes!  At least Tyler has an additional month after that.


  1. hope you don't melt out there!! movie theaters are my go to during heat waves!

  2. Yes, summer is slipping away! We start in a month too. Abigail has a little longer like Tyler. Love the picture of the tug of war. That is cute! It has been really hot here too. No desire to do anything outside when it is that hot! Love the motorcycle pics too. That is awesome. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer! They will fly by!