Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 29

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We just had another super hot weekend and are hoping for some relief during the week as has been the pattern but looks like there are many triple digit days lines up in the forecast.  Our pool is getting good use this summer.  We're also making last minute plans for a quick escape with the kids since they didn't really get a vacation trip for the summer.  It will just be a weekend thing but at least it's something and to places they are interested in. Next year when John and I do not have a big trip planned for ourselves we can do more with the family.  I just can't believe summer is almost over and we only have a few weekends left to make something happen.  Ack!  I could use more time.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 197- Sunday, 7/16/17
It's national ice-cream day and we just so happened to finish making 3 batches of homemade ice-cream not knowing that this was today.  It was meant to be! Chocolate candy crush, strawberry with fresh berries, and vanilla with mini chocolate chips--that's what's for dessert.  Justin will have to get some later.  He's at a movie with his friends and hopefully his brothers will leave at least a little for him.

Day 198- Monday, 7/17/17
When it's hot out this dog does nothing but sleep and when she sleeps with her ears like this she looks like an Egyptian Sphinx dog.

Day 199- Tuesday, 7/18/17
Fresh fruit Popsicle are the best afternoon snack on hot summer days.  This is how the humans deal with the heat ;0)

Day 200- Wednesday, 7/19/17
Nothing screams summer like a sunflower.  I found a few wild beauties on my walk this evening.

Day 201- Thursday, 7/20/17
Wasn't I just complaining about having no red tomatoes last week? Well here you go.  The first once has revealed itself with hopefully more to follow.  Loving the rich red color and the heart shaped sun-glare. All this heat is good for something at least.

Day 202- Friday, 7/21/17
Today was Brandon's last day of summer camp and he brought home this mask that was used in a talent show group act.  It's supposed to be a sheep mask and he thought it was funny showing it off to Bella.  Right after this we loaded up and took Bella to the vet for an annual shot.  This is day 2 of waiting on doctors.  Why the long waits?  It drives me nuts. What exactly is the point of an appointment anymore?  Like none of us waiting hours in a waiting room have anything better to do.  Grrr!

Day 203- Saturday, 7/22/17
We're all relaxing today after a long week and after getting the house chores done.  Rusty likes to mess with Justin's face.  They have an interesting relationship to say the least but it's good for both of them.

Wait!  One more--

July's Family Photo

It's too hot to take a picture outside so here we are in the air-conditioned house, and I love that you can see the picture I have of my kids when we first moved into this house right behind us.  How they have grown!  It's been almost exactly 12 years and the only way I remember is because we got in just in time to celebrate Brandon's 1st birthday here and he'll be 13 next week.  Time flies when you're having fun :0)

Ok all done!  Check back next week as we get ready to say goodbye to July and kick off August.


  1. Your ice cream looks so yummy! Loved the tomato picture with the heart reflection. That is cool. Your family picture with the little kids pictures behind is neat. Time does go by way too fast! You all try and stay cool and enjoy your last few weeks of summer!!!

  2. Stay cool!! It's a lovely 58 right now here....can't wait to hear where you get away to!