Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 31

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is our last week of freedom before the kids return to school.  We will finally escape a bit this weekend to go out with a bang and then it's time to hit the books and return to an intense schedule.  We need to really enjoy these last few days and someone also needs to get those summer assignments done!

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 211- Sunday, 7/30/17
 Apparently it's National Chicken Wing Day so John made up a big batch for dinner which made the boys happy.

Day 212- Monday, 7/31/17
 Brandon celebrates his 13th Birthday today.  We now have a house full of teenage boys, and he's so ready not to be a kid anymore, but he'll always be our baby.

Day 213- Tuesday, 8/1/17 
Justin posed with Bella and my monthly marker.  I promised them both a treat after ;0)  I'm so not ready for August.  Where did July go?  That seemed super fast.

Day 214- Wednesday, 8/2/17
The evenings on these hot summer days have been pleasant and cooler so I've been enjoying my walks with the dog.  There is this tree in the park with these really interesting feathery flowers that always catches my eye.

Day 215- Thursday, 8/3/17
Brandon's been enjoying playing with his birthday presents and this is one of his favorites.  Later, on another evening walk, we were noticing how many garden spiders are out with their impressive webs. They are everywhere and look very creepy but are harmless and help catch the biting bugs like gnats and mosquitoes.

Day 216- Friday, 8/4/17
TGIF!  Time for an afternoon slushy to kick off the weekend.  Our new AM/PM used to have 25cent slushies on Friday, but I guess that promotion is over so we got 2 for 1 instead.  Still way cheaper than Starbucks!

Day 217- Saturday, 8/5/17
Tyler is working (always working) and John is riding at the track so the younger boys and I headed out to pick up Brandon's new bike (much needed for the new school year) and to see one last movie for the summer. I still can't believe summers almost over.  Blah!

That's it!  See you next week as we work on getting used to a new normal.  At least we can ease in with a short week since school starts on a Wednesday.


  1. Brandon suddenly looks older!! Happy teenage years to him (and you!)

  2. Three teenage boys! Bless you! I can relate with 3 teenage girls :) Looks like a great last week of summer!!! Hope the starting of school goes well for all!