Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 30

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and hello August!  It's going to be a busy and eventful month.  How is it that school starts in 2 weeks?  Nope--not ready for that at all.  We're missing a week of summer this year by starting a bit early.  Blah!  I guess we'll just have to make the most of what we have left.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 204- Sunday, 7/23/17
John is braving the backyard heat to make us some rotisserie chicken for dinner. Yum!

Day 205- Monday, 7/24/17
I've been doing coffee on my own lately since my work buddy is visiting family out of the country.

Day 206- Tuesday, 7/25/17
It's so nice having a personal driver to help me run errands and fill my tank when needed. We've made it a point to practice more frequently and it's working.  He's a lot more confident and has finally figured out how to navigate his way around town without receiving directions.  A couple more months and he'll be ready for his test.

Day 207- Wednesday, 7/26/17
When I got home from work today I found Rusty on the stairs playing with his fish and then I found Branodn's tennis stuff tossed on the floor right in front of a door.  Really?  Apparently the space by our back slider is now his storage space.  Nope! That's going to change real quick.

Day 208- Thursday, 7/27/17
Dinner for one.  We eat dinner around 6 pm and lately Tyler hasn't been getting home from work until about 8:30 so we save him a plate to heat up when he gets in.  I like the days when he can actually join us better.

Day 209- Friday, 7/28/17
When you agree to help run errands on a triple digit day you deserve a nice cool treat.  My personal driver was busy doing something else so Brandon volunteered to go with me.  When we got back I checked on the tomato plant out back and it's loving the heat.  We went from none, to one, to a whole basket full in just a couple weeks and there are more ready to turn in a few days.  Bring on the salsa!

Day 210- Saturday, 7/29/17
Today we set up for a party to celebrate Brandon's birthday that's on Monday which is not a good day to celebrate.  He was supposed to have a sleepover with friends but everyone was busy with sports or family trips so it was just us and thankfully he was fine with that.

That's it!  See you all next week. 


  1. Cannot believe Justin is driving!!! Stay cool - but for sure love using the grill in the heat.

  2. We have two weeks left of summer too! Enjoy every last minute of it! Senior year coming up for us and I am not excited about that. That chicken on the grill looks so yummy! Your tomatoes look great too! So nice to have another driver! Glad he is liking it and getting better!!