Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 48

Wow!  Usually things at work wind down just before the holidays, but I'm getting slammed.  It was an exhausting and stressful week last week and this week is looking to be much the same.  Thankfully there are only a couple weeks until more vacation.  I hope I can hold out.  Add all the Christmas stress on top of that and I'm tapped.  Tis the season!  Can't wait until I can just sit back and enjoy it.

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 330- Saturday, 11/26/11
John braved the cold on this gray and dreary day to get our outside lights up.  Most of our neighbors were out doing much of the same so at least he had company and now there are pretty lights to look at while we walk the dog in the dark.  Makes that task much more enjoyable this time of year.

Day 331- Sunday, 11/27/11
While John was decorating outside we were decking the halls inside both Saturday and Sunday.  As you can see our stockings are now hung by the chimney with care.  There is still lots to do--it's a process and who knows when we'll actually get to the tree.  It won't be this weekend but maybe next.

Day 332- Monday, 11/28/11
I got a package in the mail from my mom today ;0)  She made me this quilted table runner for the holidays and it fits nicely under our advent wreath.  She's a crafty one, but this is the first time she has made something for me so it was a nice surprise.

Day 333- Tuesday, 11/29/11
The naughty and nice list has gone up.  Every year we do this to encourage the boys to earn more nice marks than naughty.  Brandon is adding a nice mark to his list after having a super day at school.  He was desperate to cancel out the naughty mark he received earlier.

Day 334- Wednesday, 11/30/11
Don't let the bright sun fool you.  Today was really windy and cold plus Justin does not like to wear a jacket making the picture even more deceiving.  After being on a waiting list for 3 years he finally got into the social skills program at the MIND Institute.  This was his first day and he'll be here every Wednesday afternoon for the next 6 months.

Day 335- Thursday, 12/1/11
How many days until Christmas??  Yikes!  I need to get busy with so many things.  The kids are super excited though and more than willing to pose in Santa hats for my monthly marker.

Day 336- Friday, 12/2/11
I hate the natural light in my house for taking pictures during the winter--it's mostly non-existent.  Anyway, I made this photo book as a Christmas gift for my parents of pictures from our mini reunion this summer, and it came in the mail today.  It turned out really well so I can't wait for them to see it.  Now to get the rest of their gifts together so I can ship their package to Texas!

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.


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