Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 49

This is the last week of work before Christmas break and I'm so ready!  Work is getting in the way of my holiday prepping so I'll be happy to have the whole week off before Christmas to tend to last minute details.  The kids really need a break from school too and are looking forward to a nice long 2-week vacation.  We're not going anywhere but that's ok--we're all fine just hanging at home.

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 337- Saturday, 12/3/11
Sharon hosted the first holiday party with a wonderful prime-rib dinner and yummy drinks to kick off the season.  "Cheers to the freakin weekend!"--Rihanna

Day 338- Sunday, 12/4/11
Someone partied a little too hard last night ;0)  We didn't get home until after midnight from our holiday party which is a little late for Brandon.  He slept in this morning and then was really quiet all day until he crashed mid-afternoon.  Wish I had time for a nap, but laundry calls.

Day 339- Monday, 12/5/11
Jack Frost paid a visit last night and was it ever chilly this morning.  It's our first frost of the season which means I now need to get out back and finish my winter pruning.  I wish we had more moisture to go with these cold temps so we could get some snow in the mountains, but so far it's been bone dry.

Day 340- Tuesday, 12/6/11
Justin can sit back and admire his hard work.  After four days of typing he finally has his report all on the computer.  Typing is just as painful as cursive to him, but he did it and now just needs to do some quick edits before he's completely done.  The paper is not due until Friday so he's done a great job pacing himself and working ahead which means no rush and stress in the end.

Day 341- Wednesday, 12/7/11
Tyler was saying goodnight to Bella after the family finished watching Survivor together.  He just got these new pajama bottoms that are in his favorite color and have his favorite dog on them.  The shocking thing for me is that I had to shop in the men's section to find ones that were long enough.  At least they had these fun ones that were perfect for him.

Day 342- Thursday, 12/8/11
After the windy week we had last week all the beautiful fall color is gone and we're left with the winter twigs on our trees.  At least the sky is a pretty color blue and the sun is shining.

Day 343- Friday, 12/9/11
Guess who's excited about Christmas.  I bought this little countdown ornament at Hallmark after seeing how much the boys loved their commercial and Brandon gives us constant updates.  It's so cute how surprised and happy he is each day as the number drops.  Awww. . . to be young again.  I'm glad it's such a magical time for him and his brothers.

That's it for this week!  See you next Tuesday with more Christmas cheer!


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