Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1

Here we go!  Welcome to 2012.  I revamped my blog to give it a new look, and I'm excited to see what the year has in store for us--both ups and downs.  My boys are getting so big and accomplishing so much.  Where does the time go?  At least I'll have these day-to-day photo records to remind me of years past as time ticks on.  I plan to savor every moment with my family and enjoy how unique and special they are.
My goal for this year is to keep it simple and not over think it.  I'll let the pictures come as they may and not stress over having a perfect shot from day to day.  Life is messy and sometimes you just have to embrace that.  I know I do--with 3 boys its inevitable ;0)

Enjoy the first week of 2012:

Day 1- Sunday, 1/1/12
Here are my handsome boys excited for a new year.  I love that New Year's Day is on a Sunday and we all have Monday off so we can just sleep in, relax, and enjoy the day together as a family and with good friends.

Day 2- Monday, 1/2/12
It's not all fun and games.  Two of my boys are starting the year off with new meds both for nasal allergies.  At least they don't mind and even remind me when they need it.

Day 3- Tuesday, 1/3/12
Here I am behind the camera as usual. It wouldn't be a new year without new pictures taken by me ;0)

Day 4-Wednesday, 1/4/12
Tyler got a different backpack for Christmas and is loving it.  His old one had wheels which was nice, but he's too tall for the handle and it hurt his back more by bending down to pull it than to carry it on his back.  He thinks it's cooler this way too--teenagers!

Day 5- Thursday, 1/5/12
Brandon is playing his new 3DS game system after finishing homework.  He sold some old games at Game Stop and was able to purchase a new game for the system that he is playing for the first time today (Nintendo Dogs).

Day 6- Friday, 1/6/12
Haha!  Bella snuck in the picture.  John and the guys are headed to Tahoe for the night and to watch football tomorrow at Loren's place.  Too bad there is no snow for them to ski on.  So far it's been a very dry winter.

Day 7- Saturday, 1/7/12
Time to get some winter pruning done.  I've put  it off long enough and if I wait too much longer it will be too wet and cold out.  I wish I could say I finished, but after 2 hrs I had enough and will have to do the rest next weekend.

That wraps up this week. 
Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.



  1. I love your first picture!! Such a cute way to start off 2012!

  2. Love the updated blog! Glad to see you are continuning with Project Life.