Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 52 !

That's it-- this is the last week which means another year in pictures done!  It's crazy how fast the year went and how quickly my boys are growing and changing.  I'm proud to be their mother and lucky to have the support and love of a great man as my husband.  Life is good, and I can't wait to see what next year's pictures will capture for our family--hopefully a lot of wonderful memories and good times with a few challenges or bobbles here and there.  Happy New Year everyone!

Enjoy the last week of 2011 in pictures:

Day 358- Saturday, 12/24/11
Happy Christmas Eve!  The boys get to open one gift before heading to bed and having visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  How excited are they?!

Day 359- Sunday, 12/25/11
Merry Christmas!  Justin is the best kid to give gifts to, as long as it's the right gift, because he's big on expression.  Who wouldn't want to see this kind of reaction after giving a present to someone they love?

Day 360- Monday, 12/26/11
I got me some bling from my honey yesterday.  This is my new Pandora bracelet sporting a lovely winter theme.  Makes me smile every time I look at it.

Day 361- Tuesday, 12/27/11
I haven't been able to use my kitchen table all week.  Brandon and his brothers are building machines.  At least it keeps them busy in a good and constructive way while on winter break.

Day 362- Wednesday, 12/28/11
It's a lazy day at home with a late start.  Justin enjoys a bowl of his favorite cereal to kick off the day right.

Day 363- Thursday, 12/29/11
All good things must come to an end.  Time to put away the Christmas mess and get this house back to normal.  Everything is pretty much down, but now I have to get it all back in those boxes.  Lucky me!

Day 364- Friday, 12/30/11
Santa was naughty and got Tyler a phone for Christmas.  He's been a texting fool all week and loves being able to connect with his friends while on break.  He also really likes listening to music on it so when he's not texting he's rocking out.  Things are sure different from when I was his age.

Wait!  One more day and a few more pictures to end the year with a bang ;0)

Day 365- Saturday, 12/31/11
This family knows how to party on New Year's Eve!  John and I went to an adult party while each of the boys went to a couple kid's parties.  It was a fun and long night for all.  Goodbye 2011!

See you next week with a new look for the new year.  Bring on 2012!


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