Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 7

Last week was a really good week.  It went by super fast because there was a lot of new things happening at work, and it ended with a 4-day weekend.  It's hard to beat that!  I love getting extra time to spend with my boys.  Hopefully this week will be much of the same.  At least it's a short work week anyway.

Enjoy our week in photos:

Day 43- Sunday, 2/12/12
John spent a good part of the day smoking some pork for dinner.  It started out as kind of a gloomy day, but then the sun came out for him which helped a lot.  The best part is that this pork roast will feed us for more than one night--yum!

Day 44- Monday, 2/13/12
We bought a much-needed, new mattress yesterday and just had it delivered today so of course the boys and I had to try it out.  I love how much taller it is, and I'm hoping it will do wonders for my aching back.

Day 45- Tuesday, 2/14/12
Happy Valentine's Day!  It's 8:30pm and John and I are finally getting to sit down together to exchange gifts.  Tuesdays are always really busy and today was no exception.  I had to work early, he had to work late, and the kids had karate until after 8!  Thank goodness we took time to celebrate over the weekend.

Day 46- Wednesday, 2/15/12
My favorite feature on all 3 of my boys has got to be their eye-lashes.  These are Brandon's but his brothers' are just as impressive.  They get them from their dad's side of the family.  You know if we had a girl she would have gotten skunked.  LOL!--Such a waste on boys. 

Day 47- Thursday, 2/16/12
I'm working my way through this box of chocolates John gave me for Valentine's day.  We both love See's Candies and enjoy creating custom boxes for each other.  His favorites are the peanut butter patties and mine are the milk chocolate creams.  I grew up on See's and can remember my whole family fighting over the favorites in a one-pound, pre-made box.

Day 48- Friday, 2/17/12
The boys were out of school today, and I had to drag them to a lab meeting, but after we took in a movie and all enjoyed Journey 2- The Mysterious Island.  It was quite the adventure film. 

Day 49- Saturday, 2/18/12
Justin and I are enjoying some one-on-one time after his early morning meeting with Dr. Art.  It was a cold and gloomy day so hot cocoa at Starbucks was in order.

Thanks for dropping by.  See you next Tuesday.


Naptime Momtog


  1. Oh- See's Candies & Starbucks- you are killin' me!!!! :) Congrats on the new mattress- that is always exciting. We need to start thinking of that ourselves.

  2. What a great week in pictures. I love the photo of the eye lashes. And who doesn't love See's chocolate. Yum.

  3. I enjoyed all of your pics! I bet that smoked pork was yummy. And, I got a box of SEE's for Christmas...mmmm.
    Love that last pic too ;) Great set for the week!!

  4. The pork looks amazing! Yummo. I'll have to check into that film, we are looking at movies for tomorrow. Not having real TV means we don't know much about what is out.

  5. Love your photos again this week! So great that you are in so many. What wonderful memories of the week for your kids. They are super sweet! Hugs, Jessica

  6. Great shots! That pork looks yummy!

  7. They sadly do not sell See's where I live :( Those look divine! Your eyelash picture is awesome! My boy's eyelashes are much prettier and longer than my 3 girls :) Why is it that way? Great photos! Have a good week!

  8. Lots of yumminess in your week!! It looked like loads of fun, great to see you in so many of the photos too, I really need to make more of an effort to get in front of the camera!