Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 26

I'm still playing catch up but should be able to bang this week and the following week out today to be where I need to be. That first week back from our trip was an adjustment getting used to being in a routine again but now it's business as usual. I just wish work wasn't so busy. No chance of easing back into the swing of things. I had to hit the ground running and it hurt! I guess I could look at it as job security though.  Happy Tuesday!

Now for week 26 in pictures:

Day 176- Sunday, 6/24/12
Today we traveled home flying 13hrs from Rome to LA and then another hr home to Sacramento.  It was a really long day, but it sure felt good to be home and see my boys and parents.

Day 177- Monday, 6/25/12
Time to unpack and get the laundry started.  I've never been so happy to use my washer and dryer.  We pretty much hand washed the whole time we were away.

Day 178- Tuesday, 6/26/12
Here are the boys dressed in shirts we brought back from Europe. They loved all the little trinkets and goodies we had to share.

Day 179- Wednesday, 6/27/12
The party is over.  Time to head back to work.  I had over 400 e-mails to sort through first thing this morning and then a bunch of cell culture and bench work to catch up on.

Day 180- Thursday, 6/28/12
We have a new resident in our garage.  John's brother, David, dropped off his motorcycle for John to borrow while he's away.  It won't be long before John buys his own bike.

Day 181- Friday, 6/29/12
We love Friday swim practice because hardly anyone shows up so there is a lot more space in the pool, more one on one instruction, and the coaches let the kids have more fun.  Today was a hot one too so the pool felt really good.  The boys had a great practice.

Day 182- Saturday, 6/30/12
Party time!  We're at Sharon and Richie's for some summer fun--good food and good friends.  John as usual is Mr. DJ.  His music and those headphones go everywhere with him. He even brought them on our trip to Europe and busted out some tunes for the group on the party train from Paris to Nice.  That's how he roles!

Wait!  One more--
June's Family Photo

This month we were able to get my parents in there just before they headed back to Utah.  It sure was great having them here to care for the kids and watch the house and dog.  We wouldn't have been able to take our trip without them.  I just wish they didn't live so far away.

Ok, that's it for this week.  Look for Week 27's post shortly.



  1. WOW 400 emails! Hope you had fun!!

  2. Re-entry--what I call adjusting to live after vacation is hard! Bless you! 400 e-mail is crazy! Great pictures, though. Where do your parents live in Utah? I lived there and went to college there.