Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 27

What?--July!  How did that happen?  This summer is flying by.  Here we are at the week I am supposed to post today.  Feels good to be back on track not just with this project but with most everything in my life--eating, exercise, bills, kids, work, etc.  Going on vacation is fun, but the aftermath from being gone so long and getting back to reality once you return is really no fun at all especially when you're jet lagged.  Thankfully the fog has lifted and all is right with the world again.

Check out last week's pictures to prove it:

Day 183- Sunday, 7/1/12

Here's my July baby holding the monthly marker.  Even though July has just started he can't wait until the month is over since his b-day is on the very last day.  That's a long time to wait at his age and it's a long month too.

I have to share another picture.  This is John's belated Father's Day present.  We were in Europe during Father's Day so today the boys took their dad to a motorcycle shop to pick out a helmet as his gift.  This way he is protected and surrounded by something his family gave him while we rides.  It was a fun outing they all enjoyed together.

Day 184- Monday, 7/2/12
Time to get back into the gym and my workout routine.  I didn't really workout all of June which seems weird, but we did a TON of walking on our trip so that made up for it.  The boys have swim practice at the rec. center multiple times a week which is the perfect time to use their exercise equipment.

Day 185- Tuesday, 7/3/12
Really?  John doesn't want our dog swimming in the big pool so he bought her this tiny thing.  She can't swim in here!  We'll fill it up and see if she wants to play in it tomorrow when we're home, but I think she'll be less than impressed.

Day 186- Wednesday, 7/4/12
Happy 4th of July!  It was nice having the day off to spend with the kids.  We were in the pool most of the day and then lit some fireworks out front.  The downside to a mid-week holiday is going back to work the next day especially after a late night.

Day 187- Thursday, 7/5/12
We've got some tomatoes on the vines out back. Now if I can keep the horn worms away it won't be long in this heat before they start to turn red and ripen up.

Day 188- Friday, 7/6/12
Tyler chillin on a Friday after work.  This is his video-game time between helping out at camp and swim practice later in the day.  He has a really busy summer so I'm glad there is at least some down time for him to enjoy the break.

Day 189- Saturday, 7/7/12
There's a swim meet today.  Brandon is pencil dropping into the pool getting ready for his backstroke swim.  This is his best event and today he was on fire taking 8 seconds off his time and coming in first for his heat.  Only 2 more weeks of swim team.  It will be nice to have August off before school starts.

Well that's all I have for this week. 
Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday with only one post--Yes!



  1. Oh, what a great week. I have so many fond memories, of swim meets. Fun times! Joining you from week in rewind.http://tutusshots.blogspot.com/2012/07/week-in-rewind-reflection.html

  2. What a great week!!!!! We used to have a little pool like that for our dog- he LOVED it. Maybe we need to get another one.

  3. 8 Seconds! That is really good!

  4. Glad things are getting back to normal! Love the dog pool! hope that goes well! Enjoy the last weeks of swimming!

  5. Looks like a fantastic week! Love that sweet puppy ;)