Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 50

Only one week until Christmas!  How did that happen?  I'd like to say I'm ready but not just yet.  Things will be easier once school is out and I'm off work for a couple weeks.  It sure feels like Christmas.  We don't have snow here in the valley but most certainly in the mountains and it drops to freezing at night so Jack Frost visits a lot.  Brrr!  Hopefully this means a good ski season.  Now if we can find a condo for January without a huge scalping price tag we'll be set to enjoy that winter wonderland.  Can't wait!

Here's what went down last week:

Day 344- Sunday, 12/9/12
 I was able to get some wrapped presents under the tree, mostly from my parents, and of course the kids had snoop.

 Day 345- Monday, 12/10/12
This is my favorite Santa Clause decoration because he's skiing with a toy sack on his back and has such a warm and fuzzy coat.  Also, no Christmas is complete without a poinsettia or two so long as it stays away from the pets!

 Day 346- Tuesday, 12/11/12
 Brandon has been into reading mystery book series like Jigsaw Jones and Geronimo Stilton and decided to write his own series called Sun Dog Snout.  He cracks me up.  They are very detailed with pictures and a cover and page numbers and even a summary on the back which includes, "Don't miss the next book coming out soon."  LOL!  I think this one has maybe 5 chapters with about 20 pages all written in less than a day--not bad for a 3rd grader.

Day 347- Wednesday, 12/12/12
The younger boys had a minimum day which meant I got got off work early, and it was cold out so I enjoyed a nice warm cup of cocoa when we got home.  It totally helped recharge me for the second half of my day.

 Day 348- Thursday, 12/13/12
 Poor kitty has to wear "the cone of shame" and be confined to this bathroom for the next several days.  He just got home from being neutered and declawed.  He's doing well and happy to be home but really hates that thing around his neck, and I can't say I blame him, but we must keep him from getting at his wounds so he can finish healing.  Thankfully he has some really good pain meds that help keep him happy and sleepy.

 Day 349- Friday, 12/14/12
We just received a shipment of holiday bubbly.  One for Christmas, one for the new year, and one to save for a special occasion.  This is really good sparkling wine from a winery in the Russian River area near Napa.   Yum!

Day 350- Saturday, 12/15/12
Welcome to winter polo!  This is so crazy it warrants two pictures ;0)  Tyler and his team had a tournament today. They had to be there at 7:30 in the morning just as the sun was coming up.  I think it was maybe 37F out.  At least you know the water was warm by the steam coming off the pool.  It was so cold and hard to see, but the boys won all 3 of their games.  They'll be doing it again come January.

That's it!  Only a couple weeks left before we start a whole new year!  Have a Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. Winter water polo? Crazy! but I love the pictures. The one of the boys with the presents is super cute, and love the Santa one. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I agree with the winter water polo - crazy indeed! Poor kitty with the cone of shame - lol. Have a great Christmas and enjoy your time off work :)

  3. I love all your Christmas decorations! The winter water polo photos are really cool! Love the steam! Enjoy the holiday bubbly!

  4. Water polo looks like so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. That's so cool Brandon is writing a book!
    Good for him. Make sure he saves it so someday when he's a famous author he can look back at his first attempts at writing a book.

    I ♥ ♥ ♥ those winter water polo pics!
    They look so cool w/ all that steam.


  6. Thanks so much for your comment! I love pretty much everything about this week - the cone of shame, the winter polo (!!!), the boys snooping... And I'm so impressed with Brandon's book!

  7. Great pics! Love that skiing Santa ;) And the winter pool?? Wow!!

    Hope your kitty feels better soon!