Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 34

Happy Tuesday and welcome!  We are back to a routine here with school now in full force and me back to work in the lab.  So far so good.  Everyone seems happy with their teachers and their classes so let's keep it that way!  Extra-curricular activities will be added to the mix starting this week.  We're looking forward to some water polo, tennis, a 3-day weekend, and karate starting back up!  Never a dull moment.

Here are the shots from last week:

Day 231- Monday, 8/19/13
It was a hot day and Brandon decided he wanted to swim after dinner even if his brothers didn't want to join him.  It's always fun to swim in the evening when you can turn the lights on.  He had the lit pool all to himself and enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 232- Tuesday, 8/20/13
We decided to celebrate the last day of summer with milk shakes at Whitey's.  Oh so good!  And we saved one for Tyler who is still at water polo practice.

Day 233- Wednesday, 8/21/13
It's time to head back to school.  Tyler is in 10th grade at River City High School, and Justin is in 7th grade with Brandon in 4th at Bridgeway Island K-8.  Tyler is lucky to be rid of those uniforms.

Day 234- Thursday, 8/22/13
We're celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary today by wine tasting at Bogle, a local winery, then heading out to lunch, and taking in a movie before picking the kids up from school.  We saw Paranoia with Harrison Ford--good flick! 

Day 235- Friday, 8/23/13
I'm playing with my new phone trying to get it all set up.  This was one of my anniversary presents from John.  He spoils me, and I'm so glad because I love him and this phone!  The camera features are so cool and you know I'm all other that ;0)

Day 236- Saturday, 8/24/13
John's been itching to BBQ.  We've been gone so much this summer that our backyard grill's been sitting unused.  It was nice to have a weekend at home and enjoy a nice steak for dinner prepared by the grill master himself.

Day 237- Sunday, 8/25/13
Something else I have missed all summer long--lazy Sunday mornings.  That pile of laundry in the background is taunting me though.  I must eventually get up and deal with it.  Yawn!  Maybe later ;0)

There's another week come and gone.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next Tuesday.



  1. Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary is Friday, so we are not too far apart in celebrating. Bogle...love that wine...Pinot Noir is our favorite with this winery. What is yours?

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a nice way to celebrate! Glad beginning of school is going well. Milkshakes are the best way to celebrate. Hope you are enjoying your phone! have a great week!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you guys had a great time celebrating. Your hubby spoiled you good with that new phone! I'm glad your boys are adjusting well to being back in school. I love that you all celebrated with milkshakes. That's a great idea!

  4. Happy, happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love swimming at night. :) Yes! It's time for school and everything that goes along with school. :( let the rat race begin!!! Ugh!!!