Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 13

Happy Tuesday and happy April 1st!  There's no fooling around here.  I think we are trying to catch up on rain.  It was a wet one last week and this week is starting off much the same which is a bit inconvenient, but we still need a lot of rain so better now than June!  We're working on school projects throughout the week.  There always seems to be a big push just before break.  I guess that helps us enjoy the break more.  Can't wait!

Here's a look at last week's photos:

Day 83- Monday, 3/24/14
The younger boys have been playing out front a lot and Brandon has discovered our long lost skate boards in the garage.  It's fun to watch him learn.  He picks things up fast!

Day 84- Tuesday, 3/25/14
Justin joined the older karate group for teens this month so he's working with the big boys now.  I think he likes it which is great, but it adds an extra hour to our Tuesday karate commitment.

Day 85- Wednesday, 3/26/14
It's a wet and wild swim meet for the high school kids.  I'm helping time today.  Right now the sun is out, but a few minutes ago it was dark and pouring rain.  Thank goodness for pop-up tents to help keep us volunteers dry.

Day 86- Thursday, 3/27/14
The past couple days John has had late-night work dinners, and I've been running here and there for kid activities so the dog has suffered a bit not really getting the attention she needs.  Thankfully Tyler was able to walk her today right after swim practice as I was leaving to work in the Boosters snack bar and drop the other two kids off at their last swim clinic.  Official swim practice for the city club starts next week.  Never a dull moment!

Day 87- Friday, 3/28/14
We're all so happy it's Friday and no one has any after school activities.  WooHoo!  Justin invited his friend Brian over to spend the night and was super excited about their sleepover.

Day 88- Saturday, 3/29/14
It's another pouring rain kind of day, but that didn't keep us inside.  We had some free tastings that had to be used before April so we braved the weather and hit the vineyards.  It turned out to be a really fun day.

Day 89- Sunday, 3/30/14
We ended up at Black Bear Diner for dinner after our first choice didn't pan out, but that's ok because it was a big hit.  Tyler and I have been to the original one near Mt Shasta back when he was about 2yrs old, but no one else has ever been.  They have a great selection of burgers that pleased the masses, and the desserts looked amazing, but we actually had cake waiting for us at home.  Tomorrow is Justin's birthday so we celebrated tonight.  I can't believe he's 13!

Wait!  One more-- 

March's Family Photo

This is in Old Sacramento by the Tower Bridge.  I was hoping to get more of the tower part in the picture, but we ended up being a little too close for that.  Oh well!  It's still a nice picture on this gloomy day.  Our plan was to take our picture here and then have dinner at Joe's Crab Shack but even going early at 4pm the wait to be seated was over 2 hrs--yikes!  No thank you.  That is how we made our way to the Black Bear Diner.  The food was just as good, probably much cheaper, and no wait.  Winner!

Now we're done.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

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  1. Happy 13th birthday to Justin. Did you make his cake??? It looks awesome.

    You are seriously Super Mom & should wear a cape everywhere you go with all that you do!!! Will you please send some of that rain to Texas? :)

    Have a great week!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Justin!!! Awesome cake! I can't believe all the swimming your kids do. That is just awesome! and it definitely keeps you busy! Love the family photo, you are awesome to always do that. I always think I will. . .and then forget :) Have a great week!

  3. Happy birthday Justin! So funny he shares a bday with one of my students - and the same name!
    Love the shot of the karate class.
    Happy April!

  4. Happy Birthday to Justin!! His birthday cake looks awesome! Sounds like another fun and busy week! There really is never a dull moment in your family. So many great memories you guys are making. I love March's family photo!

  5. Fun pictures! Happy birthday to Justin! Your boys are looking so grown up. I thought we were busy now that baseball season has started, but you guys are way busier! We just have our oldest in activities after school right now. That will all change next year when our youngest starts playing. :) Oh, boy!

  6. Looks like y'all had a great week! I'm jealous of your vineyard trip too, yum ;)

  7. For that birthday cake, I would just eat those cookies around the edge. I am not a cake person. My grandmother wasn't either. We loved talking about how we didn't like cake, lol