Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 14

Welcome back!  After a couple rainy and gloomy weeks we are happy to have some sunshine and warm weather again.  The past few days have been in the low 80's so we are loving that except that I did get a pretty bad sunburn at polo on Sunday.  I need to be more careful with that.  It's the final week of school before spring break.  Let's do this!  We all need the break and are looking forward to it. 

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 90- Monday, 3/31/14
Happy Birthday Justin!  He's officially a teenager--the big 13!!! and even has a phone now which he's not exactly thrilled about.  He's not sure he wants the added responsibility, but it's becoming necessary as he becomes more and more independent and needs to communicate about impromptu after-school activities and pick up times.  He'll like it more once he figures it all out and gets used to it.

Day 91- Tuesday, 4/1/14
This is no April fools.  It's a rainy start to our new month, but April Showers bring May flowers so I'm good with that.  It poured like crazy today and of course was the first official day of swim team practice.  The boys were hoping for a lightening strike or two so practice would be canceled but no such luck.  They swam in a super crazy downpour that never let up.

Day 92- Wednesday, 4/2/14
If only I would let her off leash to run.  You know she wants to!  The mustard is in bloom and we have many fields in our area which makes for a pretty evening walk.  The skies are still cloudy and grey but no real rain today.

Day 93- Thursday, 4/3/14
Neither one of us wants this hanging over our heads for the weekend so Justin is pushing through and trying to get his science fair poster done now.  The pets are being very supportive, and Justin is now a master at trimming paper and using a tape roller.

Day 94- Friday, 4/4/14
His poster is officially done!  He just finished the last little details he didn't get to yesterday and can relax and enjoy his weekend.   I thought he'd run upstairs to play right away, but he found Rusty napping in his favorite chair and decided to give him some love and attention first.

Day 95- Saturday, 4/5/14
Brandon helped me walk the dog on this beautiful evening.  It's still a little chilly out but is supposed to warm up really quick starting tomorrow.  Everything is so fresh and green after all the rain this week.  I even got around to some yard work and like seeing how my plants are blooming out to fill the space with color again. Welcome spring!

Day 96- Sunday, 4/6/14
Tyler and I spent most the day in Stockton in the scorching sun at a water polo tournament.  It was down right hot and the sun was so intense.  We needed some pop-up shade.  At least the play experience was a lot better than last time, and the refs were working well with the teams.  Later the family headed out to diner at BJ's Brewhouse to celebrate John's birthday for tomorrow.  The kids decided they are all pizookie fans, and when the kitchen messed up our dessert order we ended up with a couple extra pizookies to share--darn! ;0)  I'm going to have to kick up my workout routine following all these birthday celebrations.

Another week has come and gone!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. Glad you got the rain you needed! You did have a lot of birthdays this week. My kids love pizookies too! They are the best! Love the photo of the mustard and the dog. That is really pretty! Enjoy your last week before the break!!!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying some nice weather again! Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love Pizookies. I fell in love with them when I lived in CA for a little while. We don't have BJ's here in Atlanta, unfortunately. I sure do miss it!

  3. Love that your son was game for a photo, even in the rain! That is a good idea for marking the start of each month.