Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 15

Happy Tuesday and welcome back!  We are finally on spring break here which feels great.  We can't really go anywhere, but we'll still try to have some fun.  I have one kid in lifeguard class all week while the other two have tennis camp in the mornings and swim practice in the evenings.  I'm hoping we can manage squeeze other things in there to help it feel more like a break. At least the weather has been perfect and just plain gorgeous.  It feels so good to be outside right now.  Bust out the shorts and dust off the bikes!

Here's how last week went down:

Day 97- Monday, 4/7/14
Happy Birthday John!  Justin and John's birthdays are exactly 1 week apart.  We celebrated with ice-cream cake and then he was super excited to open presents and find a new motorcycle jacket for spring and summer riding.

Day 98- Tuesday, 4/8/14
Bella also had her birthday yesterday, and she is happy to have some new toys the boys picked out for her.  She got a new ball, a shark, and a new collar.  The kids love spoiling their pets and the pets love them for it.  She's got quite the toy collection now.

Day 99- Wednesday, 4/9/14
Right after Tyler's swim meet I had to run over to the other school for Justin's Science Fair.  He did a great job pulling his project together and was happy and excited to be there sharing it with others.

Day 100- Thursday, 4/10/14
Next project up is Brandon's Mission report and model.  It's a 4th grade state standard here in California.  Unfortunately we'll be working on this over spring break, but he's getting a good jump start on the research so that should help.  I think this is the first major report he'll have to type.  They grow up so fast.

Day 101- Friday, 4/11/14
Speaking of growing up too fast, Tyler passed his test for his driving learner's permit this afternoon.  Yikes!  I'm not sure I'm ready for this.  Look at that mosaic at the DMV office in Davis--so colorful and cool.  To celebrate I took the boys out for dinner at the Graduate. Yum!  What's up with Brandon and that sweatshirt?  It's been over 80 degrees out all week, and I haven't been able to get him to take that thing off!

Day 102- Saturday, 4/12/14
Rusty on the other hand is loving the warmer weather because it means the sliding door is open, and he can hear the birds and smell the fresh air through the screen.  This is one of his favorite spots to be especially in the morning and evening.

Day 103- Sunday, 4/13/14
I mined John's Facebook page to find some pictures.  Today was the main race at Moto GP.  John has been in Austin, TX with his friends since Thursday and is enjoying the last day of this big motorcycle racing event.  I'm glad he had fun but will be happy to have him back home tomorrow.

That's it folks! See you next week and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

The Mom Creative


  1. What a busy week! Congrats on the new driver (-:

  2. Wow, lots of birthdays so close together. I ♥ it that you celebrate Bella's birthday, too.
    I can't even believe that Tyler is already getting his driving learner's permit!!! Congrats to him.
    I hope y'all have a HAPPY EASTER!!! :)