Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 16

Welcome back!  What a week last week was.  The kids and I were off on spring break and it was very busy with a lot happening so you will see more pictures than normal.  We were blessed with perfect spring weather and could not have asked for anything better.  This week we are expecting rain, but hey it was fun while it lasted, and we could use more rain still so that's ok!  It can rain all it wants while I have to be stuck inside at work!

Here's more than just a peek at last week's activities:

Day 104- Monday, 4/14/14
Justin is obsessed with all things botany these days so he was super excited to join me on a trip to Lowe's for some new spring plants.  He even managed to talked me into buying him a red pepper plant when I was just really looking for tomatoes and flowering shrubs.

Day 105- Tuesday, 4/15/14
During break the boys had tennis camp in the mornings and swim team practice in the evenings.  It was great to keep them active because too much time in the house and they start to get on each other's nerves.  We also managed to squeeze in a movie (Mr. Peabody and Sherman) today right after lunch.

Day 106- Wednesday, 4/16/14
Tyler has lifeguard training all week from 9-5 and so far is loving it, but I do miss having him around during break.  He really enjoys learning about the CPR and first-aide stuff in addition to the swim components.  He's so excited that he's working on his application for a summer job and plans to submit it tonight.  It's great to see him so motivated.  I'm not sure how he can sit like that though.  For some reason he refuses to move the computer over and use the knee space.  *sigh*

Day 107- Thursday, 4/17/14
After tennis today I took the younger boys to Sonoma to visit the Mission as part of Brandon's mission project for school.  It was a fun little escape on a beautiful day.  We explored the mission, had a picnic lunch in the park, enjoyed some ice-cream, and found my very own hidden cottage on the walk back to the car.

Day 108- Friday, 4/18/14
Justin and Brandon learned how to make ice-cream pies this afternoon.  We'll pop them in the freezer and have them as our Easter dessert.  They look amazing and everyone can't wait to try them out.   Later I managed to get a few more of those plants we bought in the ground--yep, it's taking me awhile but that's ok because it turns out our drip system needed some work first.

Day 109- Saturday, 4/19/14
Wow!  Today was super eventful.  This morning Brandon, Bella, and I started early by taking part in the Vet School's Dog-n-Jog fun run.   We all loved it and will probably try the 5K next year.  Then just after lunch Tyler had his required 2hr driving lesson with a certified driving instructor (this was all done for free through the high school back in my day, but now it's all private, on your own time, and expensive!)  He was a little nervous at first, but it went well so now he's ready to go, go go and drive with us.  Lastly, we squeezed in some time to dye our eggs for tomorrow.  I'm glad we could at least find a time when all the boys were home to participate.  Whew!  I'm exhausted and still need to find the energy for bunny duties ;0)

Day 110- Sunday, 4/20/14
Happy Easter!  John's checking out the loot in the boys' baskets, and I'm sure staking some claim on a little chocolate.  He had to work all week so no spring break for him :0(  After baskets and a small egg hunt we sat down to a nice brunch with a breakfast egg and sausage casserole and cinnamon roll coffee cake.  It the the perfect way to start our beautiful Easter day.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back next week for more fun--never a dull moment!

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  1. Your Easter brunch looks absolutely amazing! We barely had time to do baskets before we had to leave the house for family celebrations, but I'd love to do a brunch in the future. I'm glad you all had a great Spring Break with beautiful weather. The trip to Sonoma looked like a lot of fun. Very cool that Tyler will be a lifeguard! Those ice cream pies also look amazing. Lucky you that your boys like to help in the kitchen!

  2. Busy, busy week! So cool that Tyler is learning to be a life guard! The pies sound super good!
    Thanks for linking (-:

  3. You had a busy week off! Looks like beautiful weather, though! Glad you enjoyed it. You need to give me your Easter breakfast recipes because those look amazing!!! Please! :) Those ice cream pies sure look yummy too! So fun to be able to plant stuff. I am working on that this week. have a good one!