Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 17

Welcome back!  Here we are in the last week of April which means there is just over a month of school left. This year went by super fast!  May is shaping up to be very busy so we'll be ready for another break soon--summer break!  I so love the longer, lazier days of summer even if it does mean a lot of water sports and traveling.  At least there is no homework to patrol!  Before we go diving into summer though let's work on wrapping up the school year and finishing off spring.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 111-  Monday, 4/21/14
Yep!  This is happening.  Be still my heart.  It was our first week having Tyler drive us around, and today was the first day he drove with me. My heart was pounding and the rest of me was shaking, but we survived and it'll get easier I hope.  It's just hard because I feel like I'm giving my baby permission to operate a lethal weapon.  I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and protect him from all those crazy drivers out there, but I can't.  I have to let him go.  I have to let him grow.

Day 112- Tuesday, 4/22/14
Happy Earth Day!  We have our tomatoes planted and growing.  Can't wait until we start to see some fruit.  Here's a tip- plant a small pot of colorful flowers near your tomatoes to attract bees and you'll end up with more fruit in the end.  True story.  It works!

Day 113- Wednesday, 4/23/14
Justin and his friend Jack are collecting canned food for the Sacramento Food Bank as part of their NJHS service project.  I was amazed at how many he manage to bring home just after his first quick pass in the neighborhood.

Day 114- Thursday, 4/24/14
We planted this hummingbird flower last year and I just noticed that it's started to bloom again.  The pop of red is just what our yard needs right around the pool.  I like it so much that I bought a couple more to add in the mix.

Day 115- Friday, 4/25/14
This is my crazy fun group of kids.  Brandon's class went on a field trip to the California state museum and Capitol today.  Unfortunately the skies opened up and poured rain.   The 1st part was indoors so that was fine, but the 2nd half including lunch was supposed to be all outside.  Needless to say everyone got soaking wet.  At least they're 4th graders and still thought it was fun exploring in the rain.

Day 116- Saturday, 4/26/14
Date night!  John and I went out to dinner at a local joint.  He comes here all the time for lunch, but I have never been so it was time and nice to get out.  We also ran into Tyler's Water Polo coach there.  What are the odds?

Day 117- Sunday, 4/27/14
Last night was all about us so tonight was all about the family.  We made homemade pizza for dinner.  Everyone chipped and was thrilled with the results.  So yummy!  I love a meal we can all work on and enjoy together.  It makes for the perfect Sunday dinner.

Wait!  One more--

April's Family Photo

Since Tyler is driving now we thought it would be fun to take our family picture in the car with him at the wheel--parked of course!

OK--now I'm done.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. Wow- Tyler is starting to drive! I am not looking forward to my kids being that age! He seems like a responsible kid though, so I'm sure he'll do fine. I love that you did April's family photo in the car with him in the driver's seat. Such a cute idea, and so fitting! Also, your homemade pizzas look like something from a restaurant. YUM!!

  2. I so understand your driving fear. Miss A is 16, but has been driving since 14. They can do that here, crazy huh? Now Miss O just turned 14 and gets to start. It is very hard! I so understand your bubble theory! I agree! Good luck! Breathe deep! Love your flower photos! Have a great week!