Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 10

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  March is whizzing by as expected, but so far I'm surviving.  I do have to say that last week was a though one with something going on every single evening.  Talk about exhausting. The good thing is the week went by quick and this coming week is a bit slower.  I'll take what I can get.

Here's how things went down:

Day 61- Monday, 3/2/15
At work we're trying out our test kits.  We went to the university dairy for a trial run.  It was a beautiful day and so nice to be back on old stomping grounds with the cows.  Dairy science classes were some of my favorites in college.  Look at that cow's face--love it!!  Fieldwork is so fun especially when it involves animals.  We learned a lot and made a few adjustments to our sample kits.  The first real samples come in this weekend.

Day 62- Tuesday, 3/3/15
Brandon is done with his karate class and we're waiting on Justin's class to finish.  In the meantime  Brandon is working on his art project for the week.  I love how into it he is.  He's definitely my most artistic kid.

Day 63- Wednesday, 3/4/15
Yep!  It's still spring here and more and more flowers are blooming.  Everyday I spot new ones and each prettier than the last.  We should all be outside enjoying this weather but sadly my kids are stuck to computers doing homework.  Justin is in the office on this computer working on his science fair results and discussion while Brandon is working on an opinion writing assignment upstairs.  Tyler is happy to have his own laptop and can work in his room.

Day 64- Thursday, 3/5/15
Tonight was the high school academic assembly.  Tyler didn't really want to go because it's not cool,  but he was right there getting out of swim practice just as it was starting so I made him go.  Poor thing! I'm pretty sure he'll boycott next year so this may be our last one for him anyway.

Day 65- Friday, 3/6/15
Here we are at the first high school swim meet.  Unfortunately the meets are Friday afternoons this year.  Last year they were on Wednesdays which was much better.  I'm toast by Friday!  At least it was a wonderfully warm and sunny day to be sitting poolside.  I usually help time events and had Tyler in my lane for the backstroke today. 

Day 66- Saturday, 3/7/15
John and Brandon took advantage of the warm spring weather so they could wash the dog.  She really needed it and is so nice and clean now but was not thrilled at the process.  Later I enjoyed attending a baby shower with my boss for Heather who got her PhD in our lab.  She's now a faculty member in Washington and we're so happy for her-- new job, new home, new baby.  It was great she could come back this way for the shower so we could see her.  We miss having her smiley face and contagious laugh in the lab.

Day 67- Sunday, 3/8/15
These boys!  I love them so much.  We have a family time capsule that we open every 5 years and it's so funny to see what the kids put in there and how much they have grown and changed in those years.  We had fun opening the box today after dinner.  Brandon was only 5 and in kinder when we last added things to it.  The next time we open it they will be 21, 18,  and 15--Wow!!

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. Busy week full of accomplishments!!

  2. That's fun that you got to do some fieldwork. I love that cow's face! And OMG -- that is such a cool idea to do a family time capsule! I'm definitely going to use that idea.

  3. You did have a busy week! Love the time capsule idea! Crazy that you are already doing swim meets! Hope this next week is a little slower! Take care!