Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 22

Happy Tuesday!  Only a few more days of school left.  Summer break officially starts Friday!  There are so many last minute things happening though.  It's really hard to keep it all straight, but we'll get through and then take a breath and just relax.  That sounds nice.  I can't wait!  

As for last week, here are the pictures:

Day 145-  Monday, 5/25/15
We had a nice and quiet Memorial Day relaxing and recovering from our Sunday BBQ.  The best part about a big party and BBQ is the leftovers.  Brandon tore through some leftover ribs at dinner tonight.  I know some people who were wishing they had taken a little extra home and would love to be him right now ;0)  Oh, and by the way, he lost another tooth just after this.  That's 3 just in May alone!

Day 146- Tuesday, 5/26/15
Brandon got these no-tie lace bands for Easter in his favorite rainbow colors and is just now getting around to putting them on his shoes.  Things have been so busy we just keep forgetting.  They are pretty cool and work great.  He loves them.  Later the younger kids had karate (John's turn to take them) and Tyler had life-guard training so I had the house to myself and was able to put my feet up for a spell.  Rusty was more than happy to join me.

Day 147- Wednesday, 5/27/15
Awards event #1-Tyler's high school swim team had their awards banquet tonight and Tyler's relay team was surprised they actually got a champ medal for taking 3rd place in the league.  They were told at the meet they were an exhibition team and their time in that race didn't count.  Everyone is so glad the decision was changed and these kids got the credit they deserved.  It was great to see how happy and excited they were to know their race actually counted.

Day 148- Thursday, 5/28/15
It's finally warming up and starting to feel like May.  I love having the cover off the pool and being able to see that pretty blue.  These flowers are left over from the weekend party and still look great.  At lunchtime we had awards event #2 for Brandon's 5th grade class which included a potluck lunch featuring their state foods.

Day 149- Friday, 5/29/15
TGIF!  It's been a full packed week.  Tyler got to bring home the rest of the art projects he's been finishing this semester and made this paper mache, animal, wall trophy he'll hang in his room.  I'm so glad he had a great experience with this class considering his reluctance to take anything related to art.  Later that evening we attended awards event #3.  Justin's NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) club had an end of year celebration where Justin gave a speech and received a couple awards.  This is Ms. Kugler one of his most favorite teachers that he'll truly miss next year.  He's excited to go to high school but sad to be leaving Bridgeway.

Day 150- Saturday, 5/30/15
Yes, lucky us!  We got to end our exhausting week with an all day swim meet.  Boy was a wiped after today, and I didn't even swim.  Justin swam hard and then relaxed in tent city after his races.  Thankfully next week there is an away meet, and we are not going so we get to enjoy our first weekend of summer break quietly at home.

Day 151- Sunday, 5/31/15
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!  Brandon can't get enough of the smell.  It was hot yesterday but cool, windy, and cloudy today so turning the oven on to bake sounded like a good idea, and since I had a couple over-ripe bananas that sealed the deal. This loaf made for a good, warm, and yummy afternoon snack.

Wait!  One more:

May's Family Photo

Before they got a slice of bread I made them sit by the pool for a picture on this last day in May.  It was a tad bit cold but all good ;0)

OK!  That wraps up another month.  We're moving right along, and I can't wait to see what summer has in store.  Bring it!!


  1. What a busy week! Those no tie laces are so cool! How crazy to have another high schooler!

  2. We're in the same boat your are ... the final stretch to Friday as the last day of school!
    Happy last day of school this week!!!
    Bring on summer.
    It looks like y'all had fun at your BBQ.

  3. Love your banana bread requirement! That is awesome! Crazy last week of awards for you! but awesome boys who have done great things! Enjoy the last few days! Glad summer is coming for you!!