Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 37

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Boy was it ever hot last week and now we are experiencing a cool down with rain drops here and there.  Talk about night and day, but I'll take it.  I hope we get more than just a few drops too.  We really need some serious rain with all these fires and dead trees.  You know where we aren't missing water is the pool.  High school water polo has started so things are super busy, but it's fun to see them play.  We'll just take one day at a time.  If I can make it through November I'll be golden.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 250- Monday, 9/7/15
Happy Labor Day!  We were lazy yesterday but are getting things done today.  Thank goodness we had that extra day.  John and I went out to get me a new phone and updated plan.  This was my anniversary present we only just now had time to take care of.  I hate the hassle of switching phones, but I do love the new phone and plan.  While we were out we also decided to have a quick lunch date at In-N-Out.  That hit the spot!

Day 251- Tuesday, 9/8/15
This is Justin's favorite chore.  He loves to feed the cat especially since he gets extra attention from Rusty as he's prepping the food.

Day 252- Wednesday, 9/9/15
Yay for minimum school days and minimal homework.  Brandon was so happy he only had a little math today for homework and could spend the rest of his extra time building a Lego set.  I gotta say the homework load in 6th grade is so much better than 5th grade and makes for a much happier kid.

Day 253- Thursday, 9/10/15
These chili peppers have really taken off.  We must have over 50 ready on the plant.  What will we do with them all?  I heard they are good in Thai food so I may have to give that a try.  The weather here is just as hot as these peppers.  I think yesterday was even hotter at 107!  I'm so glad my oldest plays water sports.  That is where you should be in this heat!

Day 254- Friday, 9/11/15
Today was a super long day.  I got to see Justin take off to school on his bike because I'm home from work for a water polo tournament.  We left just after him and the boys played 3 games ending just before sunset.  They had a rocky start but finished strong.  The skies are really smokey from the fires which is not good for the air quality, but it does make for a pretty sunset.  This was the first year in awhile I could not take my kids to see the local 9/11 memorial but it was still on my mind most of the day.

Day 255- Saturday, 9/12/15
Day 2 of water polo.  Today there were only 2 games so we got to sleep in a bit and got home much earlier.  It was still a pretty full day though, and the boys had some really intense and close games.  You can see the sky is still gross and smokey.  I think it was even worse today because you could also smell it.  The only good thing about the smoke was that it kept the sun from being so intense.

Day 256- Sunday, 9/13/15
The nice thing about a Fri/Sat tournament is that you still have Sunday to yourself.  We made the most of it with some pool time and good food to grill for a nice Sunday family dinner.

That's it!  We'll be at another Fri/Sat water polo tournament this weekend and then it's all about weekday games until late Oct for the last tournament.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


  1. You do stay busy!! Enjoy your new phone, I am hoping to get one sooner rather than later!

  2. I have read about the fires. They are scary! Hope you get some good rain to help soon! Glad you get to spend the hot days by the pool! Nice new phone and lunch date! Nice to have less busy homework days! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I hope you guys get some rain soon!! I hate hearing about all those fires. Very cool that you got a new phone! And that end of the week family day at home sounds really nice! Pool time and grilled steaks -- perfection!!

  4. Those fires are super scary. Sorry you're having to deal w/ all that pollution & smoke.
    Way to find the silver lining in the fact that it made the sun not so intense during the water polo games. I hope your boys appreciate how much you do for them! :)