Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 38

Welcome back.  Well, we got about a 3-day taste of fall last week and then, bam!, right back to the heat and triple digits.  Don't pack those shorts away and pull out the sweaters just yet.  It felt good while it lasted, and we also got a few sprinkles but not really enough to amount to anything worthwhile--maybe in October.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 257- Monday, 9/14/15
 I'm not sure what was going on with the dog today but she was not well.  She kept throwing up and made a huge mess of our carpet.  Just when I thought she was done it would happen again.  Poor thing!  On a happier note it was nice and cold out with sprinkles so the boys suggested soup and sandwiches for dinner--done!

Day 258- Tuesday, 9/15/15
 After a good month and a half break Karate is back on.  Now that Justin has his black belt he helps teach the younger class and then continues to work for another higher belt in the later class for older kids.  Go Justin go!

Day 259- Wednesday, 9/16/15
Today was the first high school league home game for water polo.  The starters easily ran up the score in the first 5-10 minutes and then the coach pulled them so the younger less experienced boys could play.  They enjoyed watching their teammates from the bench and got a kick out of cheering them on.  You can tell it's still cold and gloomy out but that all changes tomorrow.

Day 260- Thursday, 9/17/15
I'm happy to report Bella is feeling much better and today was getting into all kinds of trouble with her partner in crime.  These two should really go outside and burn off some serious energy.  Nice look kiddo.  Brandon is less than thrilled with me because I told him to settle down and the dog is panting because she is all out of breath from running around the house.

Day 261- Friday, 9/18/15
I got to see my younger kids off to school again this morning as I wait to head to another polo tournament.  For breakfast Justin is enjoying a pumpkin donut.  We found these last year and loved them so we were happy to see they made it back on the shelves for this fall.  Later it was off to Roseville for a couple games in the pool on this beautiful sunny day.  That's Tyler with his freakishly long arm up in the air ready to shoot in warm ups.

Day 262- Saturday, 9/19/15
Day two of the water polo tournament was brutal and not really fun at all.  I didn't take any pictures there!  Thank goodness I had my guy waiting for me at home with a fresh made Bellini.  He takes good care of me.

Day 263- Sunday, 9/20/15
Here I am at work on a Sunday.  We had our last set of county fair samples collected this weekend which meant I had to spend some time in the lab processing samples that couldn't wait.  It actually went quicker than I expected, and I had a good team helping out so it wasn't too bad.  I was happy to get back home though and enjoy a nice dinner made by John and a quiet evening with my family.  After dinner and a shower Brandon got in some last minute screen time before heading to bed and having to give up the computer for the school week.  This kid lives for weekends but then again who doesn't?

That's it.  I'm in the midst of a super busy week and not sure exactly when I'm coming or going and where.  One day at a time!  See you next week.


  1. Busy week! Glad Bella is feeling better!!

  2. I don't know how you keep up with it all!! How nice to come home to a Bellini. What a good hubby! That's nice that you got a quick taste of some cooler weather. Hopefully it won't be long before it's here to stay!

  3. Looks like fun with water polo! Hope you get some cooler temps soon. I am soooo ready for fall. Glad Bella is doing better, and I agree, everyone here lives for the weekends :) Hope you survive this week!