Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 12

Happy Friday :0)  Ha! -- better late than never.  The boys and I were away on a college-tour road trip the first part of the week so I'm just now getting to this blog post.  We had a great time and will enjoy the rest of our break at home--except for Tyler.  He is in New York with John visiting Syracuse and will return late tomorrow just in time to spend Easter with the family. UC acceptances went well--Santa Cruz, Irvine, UCLA and just found out about Cal Berkeley!!  How will he decide?

This seems so long ago but here are last week's pictures just before break started:

Day 74- Monday, 3/14/16
Happy Pi Day!  Justin was thrilled with my pie selections.  I had no time to bake on a Monday so thank goodness the stores had some nice ready-made pies for us to enjoy.  They were both a big hit.

Day 75- Tuesday, 3/15/16
Sunshine!  After a long rainy week last week we are all happy for the break in storms and enjoying the sun and warmth.  Nothing like a good dose of vitamin D to lift the spirits.

Day 76- Wednesday, 3/16/16
I recently got a new rug for the laundry room and Rusty is still deciding whether he likes it or not.  This used to be his favorite hang out spot in the early mornings but now he's not so sure.  LOL!

Day 77- Thursday, 3/17/16
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It wouldn't be the same without a Shamrock Shake and luckily the weather is perfect for it right now.

Day 78- Friday, 3/18/16
Spring break has officially started but before we can celebrate Tyler has a swim meet and Justin has a tennis match.  We all just want to get home and start our break!  I love that he's in lane 5 which is his polo number ;0) or should I say WAS his polo number :0(

Day 79- Saturday, 3/19/16
John's home and back in his favorite spot on the couch with his loyal dog next to him.  He's been away for the past few days in Reno for some college basketball March Madness fun.  Tonight we watch a movie and have pizza rolls and lemon drops for dinner--so unhealthy but so good!

Day 80- Sunday, 3/20/16
Time to start our road trip!  It's just me and the boys since John has to work.  Today we traveled to our furthest destination--San Luis Obispo and will work our way back over the next 3 days.  After a long 4+hr car ride with one sick kid we made it by mid day and went straight to Avila Beach for lunch.  Thankfully the fresh sea air helped my sickie.  Then we hit the hills behind Cal Poly for a beautiful spring hike through their "architectural graveyard."  The natural area surrounding this school is amazing!  As a treat after our hike we visited a local favorite with the students--SLO Donut Co., open 24hrs with free wifi.  Apparently its the hot spot to study late at night or just to sneak in a late night study break.  Tyler may end up going here just for these donuts.  LOL!  So many creative and yummy options. 

That wraps up last week.  See you in a few days for the next week.  I wish spring break was a bit longer.  We need more time to visit more schools!  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and are enjoying some nice spring weather :0)


  1. What a busy time you've had! Congrats to Tyler on all those acceptances, you should be proud mom!

  2. That donut shop looks amazing! Love the pies! My family loves that tradition. Good luck on the college decision! That is great for him!!!

  3. I love the look on Rusty's face in the picture that you were able to capture. The fact that he has his head tilted to the side looks like he's really questioning if he likes the new rug or not. LOL!

    That's so awesome that Tyler has so many options open to him! Good luck figuring out which one will be the right fit. :)