Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 3

Hello and welcome back!  Last week was a super crazy weather week with a lot of windy rain and tons of snow in the mountains.  We weren't sure if we'd be able to make it to Northstar for my birthday weekend trip but we did and had a fantastic time in all that glorious snow.  It's great to see the Sierra mountains looking like the good old days again.

Take a peek at last week to see for yourself-

Day 15- Sunday, 1/15/17
Under our bed is one of Rusty's favorite places to hide and he's also quite fond of chewing on our bed skirt plus any socks John happens to leave lying around.  Crazy cat!

Day 16- Monday, 1/16/17
I'm home with the kids for the Martin Luther King holiday so we celebrated with donuts.  It was also a really nice day for a change so I took advantage of the extra time and sunshine and went for a long walk with Brandon and Bella on the levee just before sunset.  It was interesting to see how high the water levels are after so much rain and knowing there will be more to come.

Day 17- Tuesday, 1/17/17
Back to buisness--work, school, and chores.  This is one of my least favorites things to do.  It's nice to have clean dishes but I really hate having to put them away.

Day 18- Wednesday, 1/18/17
The rain and wind were so insane today.  I'm glad Brandon had a short day at school so I had to leave work early and could get home before the causeway got even worse to drive over.  He got so soaked just walking from his class to my car and while driving home we saw so many fallen trees and broken fences from the wind. Once home safe and sound I helped him dry out and warm up by making hot cocoa to enjoy with his homework. 

Day 19- Thursday, 1/19/17
Must be a slow week.  With all the yucky wet weather and lack of good natural light there isn't much to take pictures of except the cat.  LOL!  These are his favorite toys.  The fish he's had since he was a kitten.  It used to be bigger than him! And the chili pepper is newer but still a go-to toy when he's feeling feisty.

Day 20- Friday, 1/20/17
Time for some real fun.  Despite the nasty weather just after the kids got out of school we headed to the mountains for my annual birthday ski trip.  There were chain controls on the roads and it snowed most the way but we made it there just after dark taking it slow and staying safe.  Thank goodness for four wheel drive.  The amount of snow up here this year is so wonderful and like it used to be every winter before the drought. It's probably been a good 10 years since we've seen snow levels like this and I love it.  It will be a great weekend.

Day 21- Saturday, 1/21/17
Welcome to our winter wonderland.  It's still snowing today but it's mostly light fluffy snow with big flakes that are fun to play in.  Sadly Justin hurt one of his knees Thursday night at tennis conditioning so he's not moving too well, but he did get to play in the snow a bit.  Brandon was my ski buddy for the day and John switched between skiing on the slopes and checking in on Justin.  Just look at how beautiful the trees are heavy with snow.  It's so peaceful and fresh up here.

Wait!  One more-

January's Family Photo

This was on the balcony of our condo just before we had to leave.  The saddest part of our whole trip was missing Tyler who's away at school.  It's the first time since he was born that we've done this trip without him, but he did call and text us a bit to stay in touch so he was here in spirit.

Now that's it!  See you next week and guess what--we
are expecting more rain.  LOL!  Careful what you wish for.


  1. So jealous of all that snow you have in the mountains! I went Sunday and it was more like spring conditions!

  2. What a fun ski trip! It looks gorgeous with all that snow! It is bitter sweet when you do things like that and are missing the oldest kid! Glad you made it safely there and home and happy birthday! What a fun birthday tradition!!!