Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 4

Happy Tuesday and welcome back.  Last week was a beautiful weather week with spring like conditions.  It was pretty cold in the mornings, but the afternoons were beautiful, bright, and sunny.  I wish I could say it was a good week for our country too but sadly it was not :0(

Regardless here's a look at how our week went down:

Day 22- Sunday, 1/22/17
Today is my birthday and John made me a nice steak dinner and got me this pretty cake.  Unfortunately before we could celebrate we had to make our way home from the mountains in some stormy conditions which is always nerve wracking and super slow. Then we had to spend a couple hours in urgent care getting Justin's knee looked at.  He hurt it in tennis conditioning Thursday, and I was hoping after a few days rest he'd be fine, but he still can't walk on it today.  The x-rays show no damage to the bones so it's probably a tendon but we'll have to see a specialist to know for sure.  Of course we're still waiting for that appointment.  Until then, crutches and rest for him.

Day 23- Monday, 1/23/17
LOL!  Brandon and I were playing around with the dog today.  If you scratch her just right on the cheek she lifts her lip up really high on that side, and if you scratch on both checks at once you get this face.  Brandon was in stitches laughing so hard and now he has this picture on his phone for when he needs a good smile.

Day 24- Tuesday, 1/24/17
Brandon got this rubix cube for Christmas and has been playing with it non-stop lately.  He and a friend at school play together to try to see who can solve it first.  He's been watching youtube videos and researching online to help train and solve the thing.  At least it keeps him away from the screen for awhile once he's done researching solutions.

Day 25- Wednesday, 1/25/17
It's been a long week gimping around for this kid and it's only half over.  His other leg is now starting to hurt from over use so this afternoon he ices both.  At least he's still smiling. 

Day 26- Thursday, 1/26/17
Thursdays at work are now quality control or QC days in our new lab.  We're testing media plates to make sure they can detect bacterial isolates important for dairy heard health screening.  It's exciting and interesting to be learning new things and working with new organisms, and so far the new lab we set up for this is perfect for what we need to get done.

Day 27- Friday, 1/27/17
TGIF!  Time for popcorn and a movie.  Even Rusty knows the drill.  He's securing his spot on the couch next to where I sit and next to where he knows some popcorn will be.  We watched the new Pete's Dragon with the kids.  I was in 4th grade when I saw the original and just barely remember it.  This on is a little different but still a good movie with much better dragon effects.

Day 28- Saturday, 1/28/17
Super excited and can't wait!  The grandparents are set to watch kids, the passports are renewed, the travel package is booked, and I even got a couple new items for my birthday to take on our trip.  John and I will be traveling to Bora Bora this June for our 25th wedding anniversary.  I can't wait to check French Polynesia off my bucket list!!!  Only 5 more months to go :0)

All done!  See you next week in February.  Wow!  This month flew by.


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you made it home safely and hope you can figure out what is wrong with Justin's knee. Ouch! Awesome about your anniversary trip!!! So fun and something great to look forward to! Have a great week!

  2. Poor Justin!!
    And Bora Bora!!!!!!
    Hoe you had a lovely bday week!!