Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 5

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  This week will bring more rain with a number of systems lined up ready to hit us hard. The morning's commute was brutal with hard rain and high winds but I made it.  I'm pretty sure we're eliminating the drought this year which is great, but also begs the question when is enough enough?

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 29- Sunday, 1/29/17
This was the calm before the storms.  John couldn't resist getting out there to BBQ on a spring like Sunday and who knows when he'll be able to do it again.

Day 30- Monday, 1/30/17
A co-worker gave these Disney treats to John to take home for the boys and Justin in particular was super happy about it.

Day 31- Tuesday, 1/31/17
This is how he takes a break from homework.  Maybe all that blood rushing to his head will help him finish strong ;0)

Day 32- Wednesday, 2/1/17
Welcome to February!  Justin posed with my monthly marker.  He's into the tongue thing lately.  It's hard to get a picture from him with just a regular smile these days. *sigh*

Day 33- Thursday, 2/2/17
Brandon had his 7th grade semester awards ceremony this afternoon and was super proud of his Principal's Award for 4.0.  The last time that happened was in 4th grade and after checking out and having a really bad attitude about school in the 5th grade he's worked hard to turn things around and get back to this point.  WTG Brandon!

Day 34- Friday, 2/3/17
Today was crazy with really hard rain and then bright sunshine with blue sky back to rain and then sun again and repeat.  The weather could not make up its mind but at least we got a couple pretty rainbows out of it--nice way to end the work week.

Day 35- Saturday, 2/4/17
This morning I went to a UCLA parent and family coffee event in our area.  They had them all  over the country and even internationally today.  It was great to meet locals with kids at the same school as Tyler and hear how they and their kids are adjusting.  I actually learned a thing or two and met some really nice people.  Later Brandon had a basketball game.  His team is doing great and so far has won all their games.  He's sitting on the bench now after some long play time.  I was too involved in the game while he was out on the court to get a shot of him actually playing but that's a good thing, right?

Ok--That's it.  Sweet and simple.  See you next week.

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