Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 6

Happy Tuesday and happy Valentine's Day!  My sweetheart is away on business across the country so it will be a quiet one here. Last week was wet and wild. We are finally enjoying some sunshine and spring like weather which has been a wonderful and much needed break however it will not last. Come Thursday the rain starts again with 4 new systems lined to hit us over the following week. It's nice we are kicking this drought to the curb but at the same time we are now worried about floods and dam breaks and mudslides.  Yikes!  February is shaping up to be super wet and hopefully this year a March miracle will mean more sunshine and less rain so we can all recover a bit before the snow starts to melt and we have to deal with runoff issues. At least our community is safe so far and I pray for those who are not. 

On a happier note, here are last week's pictures:

Day 36- Sunday, 2/5/17 
John and Justin enjoyed some good food while watching the Super Bowl game today.  Sadly the boys did not really like the new sauce John tried on his ribs, but there were plenty of other things they were happy to grub on.

Day 37- Monday, 2/6/17
The poor cripple.  He is getting better and I think will only need one more week on crutches.  Shockingly enough he had no homework tonight so he propped his feet up and spent his extra time gaming with friends.

Day 38- Tuesday, 2/7/17
Grey and gloomy with cold pricklies--that's our forecast and we combat it with warm cocoa as an after school treat.  It helps brighten the mood before having to start homework.

Day 39- Wednesday, 2/8/17
Today was a busy and long day.  After work and school Brandon had his middle school conferences which were completely different than usual.  This time they took place in the various classrooms with problem solving stations along the way--so not a fan.  It took way too long, we barely got to talk with the teachers, and Brandon felt like he was being forced to do extra homework which put him in a foul mood for having to do his real work. Ugh! I admit the old system was not perfect but better than this. Then after rushing to get dinner on the table and walking the dog I had an evening Booster's meeting.  This mocha is the only thing got that me through. Is it Friday yet?

Day 40- Thursday, 2/9/17
Umbrellas and crutches don't really mix but you gotta do what you gotta do--what a super rainy day and of course I really needed a Target run for some food essentials.  I should have gone earlier in the week when there was less rain and I was actually planning to go yesterday after conferences but those took so long I had no time. Yep!  Still not over that.

Day 41- Friday, 2/10/17
Whew!  Made it through the week and it's date night.  We went out for dinner and a movie as an early Valentine's treat since John will be in Miami on work all next week.

Day 42- Saturday, 2/11/17
  Our Saturdays now include a basketball game for this guy.  He's improving a lot and doing great.  His team is still on a winning streak which makes it even more fun for them.  

That's it for now.  See you next week probably soaking wet in more rain :0/


  1. Hope his knee is better! So glad the drought is busted!!

  2. You have gone from one extreme (drought) to another (flood)! Crazy! Hope things even out and you all stay safe! Your PT conference does sound weird and not fun at all for a kid--extra work? Ugh. Valentine's date dessert looks yum! Hope you all stay healthy and that knee heals soon!