Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 7

Happy Tuesday!  What a treat to have a nice long weekend even if it did rain most of it.  It was great not to have to drive to work in the nasty weather and just hunker down at home next to a warm fire. Last week was super busy and John was gone most of the week so that made it even busier than usual, but we made it through and enjoyed a 4-day weekend at the end so it was worth it.

Take a look at how it all went down:  

Day 43- Sunday, 2/12/17
John leaves on a work trip to Miami before sunrise tomorrow so we exchanged Valentine's gifts today and of course spoiled each other which is always nice.  In less exciting news our Sunday's are usually chore days.  The best chore I taught my boys is to clean their own bathroom.

Day 44- Monday, 2/13/17
Yes!  That is very intense sunshine and sunglasses have been required lately especially since our eyes have become accustomed to grey and dark skies.  It's been wonderful out lately but it's short lived.  More storms are lined up to hit later this week and continue through the long weekend.

Day 45- Tuesday, 2/14/17
What a crazy busy day!  Justin had a short day at school so we took advantage and spent the extra time at the DMV.  He passed his written test and got his driving learner's permit.  WooHoo!  We celebrated with a refreshingly cold Jamba Juice on this warm, sunny day.  Later we had a pizza party and made heart shaped brownies for a Valentine's day treat.  My true valentine may be out of town but my other loves were ready and willing to enjoy the special day with me.

Day 46- Wednesday, 2/15/17
This morning we finally got our appointment with the orthopedic specialist.  Turns out Justin has a growth plate problem that causes tendonitis in the knee area with intense activity like running and jumping.  It's called Osgood-Schlatter disease and nothing can really be done for it until it corrects itself once the growth plate closes in abut a year.  He can still play tennis and other sports but has to be careful not to over do it and aggravate the problem.  The specialist thinks this tendon strap may help so we'll give it a try and let him resume tennis next week.

Day 47- Thursday, 2/16/17
Look-no crutches!  He hasn't used the crutches all week and is feeling good so he helped walk the dog for me tonight while I took Brandon to basketball practice.  John is currently making his way back home with some long flights and should be back around 10 pm.  We all can't wait to see him.

Day 48- Friday, 2/17/17
The schools here are out today and Monday for the Presidents' Day weekend which means we have a 4-day weekend.  Love it!  We had another doctor's appointment today but then were free so we braved staying out in the rainy, windy weather to make our way to the theater for a movie.  Halfway through we lost power for about 10 minutes because of the storm but at least it came back on and we could finish watching the film with no further incident. Such crazy, nasty weather!

Day 49- Saturday, 2/18/17
This Saturday's basketball game was a tough one.  This is the first time Brandon's team has lost, and it was hard but also good for them to experience.  Nothing like a reality check!  Now they have a better idea what their weaknesses are and what they need to work on for future games.

That's all for now.  Pray for dry weather.  We need a break.


  1. Come visit me! Our weather is dry and sunny 70 degrees! Your valentine's brownies look yummy! Looks like a good week but it is very hard to play single parent. I am sure you are glad John is home. Good to hear that Justin's knee will get better on its own! Hope he can take it easy until then. Hope Tyler is well! Have a great week!

  2. Busy week! Hope the knees hang in there - and a driver now - wow!!