Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 8

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're happily basking in sunshine here for a much needed wet weather break.  Can you believe March starts tomorrow?  There are many signs that spring has sprung like budding trees, flowering plants, and bugs galore.  It's been a long winter and I'm sure we'll have even more rain over the next couple months but at least these signs show that there is an end in sight.  I think we're all for that.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 50- Sunday, 2/19/17
We found out that the kids could get donuts for good grades from Krispy Kreme so this morning we headed in to show report cards and walked out with a nice sized box of donuts.  Totally a sweet treat. Turns out the program is only for kids up to 6th grade but we didn't know that going in and kindly the store never said a thing.  Guess this will be our first and only time much to the boys' dismay ;0)

Day 51- Monday, 2/20/17
Today is the official President's Day holiday and even John got the day off.  It was a good day to be home since there was a huge nasty storm and chance of floods in nearby areas.  I was so grateful I didn't have have to drive to work in this weather. We just stayed in to keep dry and John worked most the day on making us a warm French stew dinner--beef bourguignon!

Day 52- Tuesday, 2/21/17
Justin sits down and immediately attracts the pets.  They both just want to be close to him and hang out.  He's definitely one of Rusty's favorite people.

Day 53- Wednesday, 2/22/17
Tonight was my first time playing Bunco and it was a lot of fun.  It was a Booster's fundraiser event--the best one by far since we made some good money with little effort and had a good time doing it.

Day 54- Thursday, 2/23/17
So many busy days at work lately with a lot of new research projects getting ready to start.  Today I'm checking the growth of organisms on the blood-agar plates for QC work.

Day 55- Friday, 2/24/17
Our tree out front is in bloom and some light wind has caused it to sprinkle pretty pink blossoms across the lawn.  It's the little things that make you smile :0)

Day 56- Saturday, 2/25/17
John's out of town with the guys in Tahoe so it's just me and the younger boys today.  Justin and I took to an empty parking lot and practiced some driving.  He's super nervous about the whole thing, but is doing better than I expected.  Later Brandon had a great basketball game and even put some points on the board so we celebrated by having dinner at BJ's and ending the meal with a Pizookie Trio. Yum! The UCLA basketball game was up on the screen so we texted Tyler to let him know we were watching and had a good exchange with him.  It almost felt like he was there too.  I need that boy to send me a picture--miss his face.  One more month and he'll be home for spring break.

That's it!  Hope to see you all next week in March!


  1. Yay for signs of spring and good grade donuts!

  2. Awesome donuts! Love the spring flowers in the grass. That is so pretty!. Your beef stew John made looks yummy! Glad you had some fun time with the boys and glad you are getting some sun among all that rain! Enjoy your next week!!