Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 9

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Busy times at home and busy times at work as the days just fly by.  None of us can believe we're well into March now even though we did have a nice warm spring like week last week.

Here are that week's pictures:

Day 57- Sunday, 2/26/17
A typical Sunday morning- Bella begging Brandon for food after a game of fetch with the green octopus, laundry started, pantry open from kids raiding cereal boxes, and no one dressed just yet.  Bonus--today there is sunshine.

Day 58- Monday, 2/27/17
When life gives you lemons you think of lemon drops, lemon meringue pie, lemon chicken, lemonade and so much more.  This tree is full and happy in more sunshine. 

Day 59- Tuesday, 2/28/17
Dinner for one ;0(  Everyone is coming and going at different times so I feed them individually when I can.  Brandon is happily the first to eat each night.  Pulled pork sandwich, Funions, and cut fruit for the win.

Day 60- Wednesday, 3/1/17
Happy March!  Justin got home from tennis just in time to take a picture with the monthly marker before the sun went down.  It's his birthday month and he can't wait.

Day 61- Thursday, 3/2/17
Tonight is Brandon's last basketball practice and his last game is Saturday.  He learned a lot and is sad the season is over.  Time to get back on the tennis courts until we can find another basketball program.

Day 62- Friday, 3/3/17
Enjoying Shamrock Shakes on a warm day before the next storm window opens is the best way to kick off the weekend. TGIF!

Day 63- Saturday, 3/4/17
Time to mow lawns and clean up the yard before the rain hits this evening.  This used to be Tyler's job and now Justin has taken over.  In other news Brandon's team won their last game and that's it for basketball.  Sorry no picture.  They'll have a team party next week to celebrate their great season.

Wait!  One more-

February's Family Photo

Taken on the last possible day in the final hours of February once everyone was finally home for the evening.  In March we'll plan ahead a little better and Tyler will be back for the picture.  Yay!

Ok!  All done.

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  1. Those lemons are amazing!! Mowing the grass already, wow!