Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 10

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  I'm so not a fan of the time change especially since I work early morning hours.  These past 2 days have been pretty brutal starts but I'll adjust eventually.  The long light hours at the end of the day are nice so I guess that makes up for it.  We pretty much had a full week of spring with warmer temps last week and are expecting much of the same.  I do like that!

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 64- Sunday, 3/5/17
This was the last day of rain we've seen in over a week now, and I can't say I miss it.  It was a quiet and wet Sunday at home.

Day 65- Monday, 3/6/17
Justin got his tennis team shirt today and has been back at tennis for a couple weeks now.  He's mostly been practicing and just now getting into competitive matches again but better to ease in than push it and aggravate that knee tendon.  We rarely see him without these two bags--one for school and one for sport.

Day 66- Tuesday, 3/7/17
Rusty found a nice place to rest and relax.  He's actually keeping Justin company as he ices his knee.  That's just something that has to be done everyday after tennis now and this kitty doesn't mind.

Day 67- Wednesday, 3/8/17
Awww-- spring and sunshine and bugs.  LOL!  It may be buggy out but still a good day for a nice sunny walk.

Day 68- Thursday, 3/9/17
Brandon had his end of season basketball party today and received his certificate.  He misses it already, but has been shooting hoops here at home every chance he gets and even designed his science fair project to test something related to basketball.  I'd say he's hooked.

Day 69- Friday, 3/10/17
Random Friday happenings.  That flowering bush out front is so pretty.  Too bad it's kind of hidden behind other things in our yard.  Tyler has a lot of moving parts going on at school and beyond this week so we've actually talked a lot.  He posted this new profile picture on his twitter account so I snatch it up for myself since I haven't seen him in forever.  Rusty found a new favorite napping spot.  Too bad that's MY spot.  He'll be booted later when I sit down to watch a movie ;0)  And then after school I pulled out an old book that was a favorite with all my kids and asked Brandon if he remembered and he did and was eager to explore it's pages again.  It's called "Actual Size" and is a great animal book that took us on a fun trip down memory lane. Not a bad way to end the work week--so much to be thankful for.

Day 70- Saturday,  3/11/17
Yep- still dry and still spring.  John is even wearing shorts and it's the perfect day to be outside grilling burgers and hotdogs while drinking a nice cold beer.  It was a super gorgeous weekend.

That's it!  See you next week and in the meantime enjoy the sunshine ;0)


  1. The Actual Size book is so fun! I have it in my classroom.
    Hope tennis season continues to go well!

  2. So nice to get some sunshine and be able to be outside! You have a lot more spring than we do--we are just starting. Those hamburgers look yummy! Hope you have a great week and nice to see Tyler doing well!