Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 11

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We had another wonderful spring week last week and it was glorious.  Sadly it's raining again this week which is not so good for Justin's tennis team.  I'm pretty sure most their matches will be cancelled.  It's a super busy otherwise so one less thing to work into the schedule is not a bad thing.  I wish the younger kids' spring break wasn't so late this year.  Tyler will be home tomorrow (wow--tomorrow already!) for his break but the rest of us don't get a break until mid April around Easter week.  At least we can still enjoy some good family time with a full nest again over the next few days.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 71- Sunday, 3/12/17
It's a super nice spring day and a good day to learn how to pump gas.  Driving lessons continue mostly on the weekends but hopefully soon during the week as well.

Day 72- Monday, 3/13/17
I'm not sure why he's all bundled up since it's warm out but maybe he just likes to be cozy while he reads.  Another reading counts book is due Friday so time to finish up. 

Day 73- Tuesday, 3/14/17
These two are super happy it's Pi day and there is actually pie to be had for dessert.  A piece of each please!

Day 74- Wednesday, 3/15/17
It's time to watch Survivor--the "Game Changers" season and John is gone and the boys are busy so it's just me, the pets, and a cold glass of wine.

Day 75- Thursday, 3/16/17 
A slight breeze today cooled thing down and bit and blew some blossoms off the trees.  Our whole neighborhood looks like it was sprinkled with mother nature's confetti.  Fun to look at but bad for those with seasonal allergies.

Day 76- Friday, 3/17/17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Brandon was home having dinner alone again but enjoyed the special greenish meal I made for him, and I found some natural pretty green new leaves blooming out back. 

Day 77- Saturday, 3/18/17
Today was another great day to be outside.  It was a little cold in the morning but then turned out nice and sunny.  The kids had tennis first thing, then some volunteer activities, another driving lesson, and Brandon wrapped up the testing for his science fair project which required playing a little basketball.  I was busy shuttling everyone to and fro and when I had a chance to actually sit down and relax the cat seized the opportunity to rest with me.

That's it!  See you next week.


  1. How fun for it to be Tyler's break already! Enjoy the time together and hope you get good weather!!

  2. Your pies look yummy! We had some yummy ones too! Looks like a great week. Love the purple blossoms on the trees! Have a great break with Tyler. Sadly Abigail doesn't get a break, but she will be done and home for the summer in 6 weeks! We are excited. Enjoy your family time!