Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 17

Welcome back to Tuesday and welcome to May.  I'm so happy it's May and I'm super excited school will be over at the end of the month.  We're all looking forward to the slower pace of summer with less stress, less work, and no real schedules.  Everyone is much happier when school is out and we can just be free but still be active to do more of what we want.  Plus we'll have Tyler back home and a full house is a happy house, right?

Until then, and you can bet we're counting the days, here are last week's pictures:

Day 113- Sunday, 4/23/17
It's time to replace the old wine barrel planters we have had for over 20 years.  The wood is disintegrating and we've been talking about it for a couple years now so it's past due.  Today we scored a deal on these beauties at Raley's of all places.  Go figure!

Day 114- Monday, 4/24/17
Justin has been doing great with his driving.  He's super serious and a bit tense but also very careful which is not a bad thing.  He's a lot more comfortable with it too so it's been great to see his confidence grow.  He drives us home most days from tennis practice and also on the weekends out to the gas station to help me fill up.

Day 115- Tuesday, 4/25/17
Look--I'm still wearing a sweater and winterish clothes at the end of April--blah! So not ty[ical for a California spring.  This is how Rusty greets me when I get home from work.  He's super affectionate in the afternoons when I've been gone most the day and on these cooler days he's hoping I'll sit soon so he can warm up in my lap with a balnket.  Thankfully this coming weekend the weather is supposed to change for the better and be much warmer.  Finally!

Day 116- Wednesday, 4/26/17
It's a Booster's fundraiser night at Chipotle so Brandon helped me picked up dinner for the family. Half the money from our bill goes to the high school athletics teams.  My kind of fundraiser.

Day 117- Thursday, 4/27/17
The tennis team was recognized at city hall tonight.  Sadly Justin couldn't go because he was out of school at a tournament all day and is stressing about getting his makeup work done, tackling other homework, and preparing for a couple tests he needs to take tomorrow, but he still got his certificate.

Day 118- Friday, 4/28/17
Today was super windy but with a lot of sunshine and my roses are doing amazing this year after a pretty bad year last season. Since we weeded over the weekend you can actually see them now too.  This is my favorite color rose, and I love how it's highlighted in the sun.

Day 119- Saturday, 4/29/17
The garden wars continue and I'd like to think we're winning, but the weeds and plants are fighting back hard.  I have battle wounds to prove it!  Thank goodness it's a gorgeous day out so I don't mind being outside.  We are making good progress but probably have a few more weekends left in this battle before the war is over and the yard is ready for summer.

That's it for now.  I hope to see you all next week.


  1. The barrels are awesome!!Another driver, insane how time flies!

  2. Your yard is looking great! I think you are winning the yard war! Also love the yellow rose! New driver is looking good! Hope you have a great week!