Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 18

Happy Tuesday and welcome back.  We're finally enjoying some warm, no--hot!, weather here.  Now it feels like a California spring and it's been great for allowing us to continue the work in our yard. We're still not done but getting closer to taming the jungle.  May is shaping up to be a busy month. We have plans for the next 3 weekends with different things happening on all the different days.  My head is spinning just thinking about it, but it's all good stuff so it will be fun.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 120- Sunday, 4/30/17
Time for some Sunday riding.  John loaded up his bike and headed to the track for a wheelie course--something on his bucket list that he can now check off.  The boys and I did some more yard work and then settled in to watch Moana together.  It was a nice quiet day.

Day 121- Monday, 5/1/17
April showers bring May flowers and that's exactly what we have out in out backyard.  It's time for my monthly marker so I posed with some of my newly bloomed roses.

Day 122- Tuesday, 5/2/17
I love the heart shaped, extra large leaves on this tree and had to snap a picture before the cutter wasps beat them up.  It's such a shame when that happens.  I'm also starting a travel vaccine in pill form today and will be slowly taking these all week.  It's better to be safe than sorry for when we head to the French Polynesian islands next month.

Day 123- Wednesday, 5/3/17
We hit the 90's today! It's about time and what a perfect day for an ice-cream treat right after dinner.  This is a new Ben and Jerry's chocolate dipped pint slice.  Yum!

Day 124- Thursday, 5/4/17
Brandon's class is reading this classic, And Then There Were None, together and they are all into guessing who did it but this kid just couldn't wait and had to look it up on-line.  That's fine to ruin the end for himself but then he told a bunch of kids at school and ruined the end for some of them too.  Ack!  The teacher said there is one kid every year and this year it just had to be him.  *sigh*  We had a good talk about it and I'm pretty sure a lesson was learned.  This one, he's a wild card for sure and keeps us on our toes.

Day 125- Friday, 5/5/17
Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Tyler sent us a picture of him enjoying a burrito today on campus, but said he'd rather have some of our crunchy tacos for dinner at home.  Sweet of him to be thinking of us or at least our food ;0)  We did enjoy those fresh made tacos with fresh made guacamole and also missed Tyler enjoying them with us.  Thanks for the picture though--that was a treat and I didn't even have to ask!

Day 126- Saturday, 5/6/17
We all worked hard today mostly in the yard again but were able to reward ourselves later.  The boys had 1/2 price frappuccinos at Startbucks' happy hour after Justin's shelter shift.  Brandon had Starwberries and Creme and Justin tried the new Midnight Mint Maddness one.  Then John and I escaped on a date night for dinner and a movie.  We saw The Circle which was good but also a scary sign of the times.

That's it!  Check back next week for more craziness.


  1. So exciting about your travels!! Love the Agatha Christie books, favorites of mine!

  2. That is so funny about Brandon and sharing the book ending :) Made me laugh. Your tacos do look yummy! Glad you enjoyed some warmer weather. Your roses are beautiful and loved the heart shaped leaves! Getting some yard work done here too. I love that. Have a great week!