Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 19

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We just keep plugging along here trying to get through a crazy May so we can relax and have fun in June.  Yep--counting the days still.  The weekdays are slow and boring but our weekends a full and fun so at least there's that.  It was also super windy and mostly cold last week which is no fun.  We're hoping to see a nice change for the better this week into next after possibly more rain today.  I'm so ready for hot weather and would love to pack my winter clothes away at least for a few months without needing to drag them back out again.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 127- Sunday, 5/7/17
Sundays are laundry days and the pets love it when I sort laundry.  The cat hides behind the pile and pounces while the dog just prefers to lay as close to it as she can get.  It smells like her peeps and she loves that.  Meanwhile outside the old wine barrels are being torn down and the new wine barrels are being filled and planted with goodness--so much better.

Day 128- Monday, 5/8/17
Walking the dog today we find some sad scars the drought has left behind.  We lost a lot of city trees in the park and along our streets.  The city is working to replace them though so hopefully this next batch will survive longer to live full lives to maturity.  One tree that is thriving is the neighbors cherry tree.  I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't hanging over our pool deck.  The birds with the cherries make quite a mess.  They are beautiful looking cherries though.

Day 129- Tuesday, 5/9/17
I just got home from work and apparently I'm not giving her enough attention.  She'll take a walk or an early dinner or a bone or a game of fetch or even some simple ear rubs--total attention hog and how can you say no to that face?

Day 130- Wednesday, 5/10/17
It's only the middle of the week and I've already got two boys that are ready to have it end.  Justin has been fighting a virus and had a fever yesterday that's wiped him out while Brandon has been dealing with a migraine and experienced his first aura before an episode, at school no less, that really freaked him out.  The poor thing thought he was going blind :0( We're all hoping the rest of their week goes much better.

Day 131- Thursday, 5/11/17
Rusty and these chairs.  He loves to look through them and also use them as a tunnel of protection from the dog.  At school Justin is feeling much better but is sad his AP European History class is almost over.  He really enjoys the teacher and his fellow students so he had one of the kids take a picture of them.  He cracks me up with how he's posing, arm propped on Mr Fogle.  Good luck to this group who will be taking their very first AP test tomorrow.

Day 132- Friday, 5/12/17
I love it when I hear from Tyler and even get a picture or two.  He finally had his orientation today and got his official badge to start volunteering at the UCLA med center.  Next week he'll have a training shift and then he'll be on his own.  At home we celebrated the end of this long and stressful week by taking in a fun movie.  It ended a little late and this picture was taken after the show so Brandon is a bit tired.  LOL--he's so not a night owl just like me ;0)

Day 133- Saturday, 5/13/17
Now time for some adult fun.  John and I had dinner and drinks with Richie and Sharon tonight.  I'm having my first Moscow Mule.  It was good with a twist of blood orange.  Cheers!

That's it for now.  See you next week and I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day!

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  1. So sorry about the virus and mirgrane, no fun!
    Love the picture of the cat and the chairs!!